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Definition and causes

Warts occur in the upper layer of skin, called over the skin. Warts are formed when a virus infects the skin and sheep skin cells to multiply faster than normal. There are many different types of virus, but they are related to each other. Viruses from the same group could also give genital warts.

Virus (and thus warts) are blocked by ordinary contact or reject skin cells from warts. This happens easiest in wet environment, or if you have small scratches in the skin. We can not determine where the infection comes from, since the incubation period (time from infection to illness) can vary from one month up to nearly two years.

There are several types of warts, the most common are small-and fodvorter and flat warts. Also seen vandvorter or mollusker (molluscumcontagiousum) Anywhere on the body in children, while adults sexually transmitted. Warts seen in all age groups, but is much more common in schoolchildren, where around. 10% have the disease. Most warts disappear on its own, approx. half have disappeared after one year and two-thirds after two years.

Symptoms of warts

The symptoms depend on the type of wart and where it sits along

Symptoms of warts on the hands and fingers
This is with the foot the most common place to have warts. Warts bulges above the surrounding skin and is either rounded or resembles a small head of cauliflower. There may be several warts close, as it may infect themselves.

Symptoms of fodvorter
Because of body weight pressure on the foot when you stand and go, fodvorter will be pressed into the skin. They would be level with the surrounding skin, but will in turn go 4-5 mm into the skin. On the surface seen a rough area, which is hard at the edges and with small black "dots" in which represents tiny bleeding warts.

Symptoms of flat warts
Small (millimeter) and either light brown or pink buds, which sits on the face or hands. There are often many in the same area

Symptoms of vandvorter (mollusker)
Hudfarvede, round buds around. 3-4 mm, which has a small indentation in the middle.

Warts do not hurt, but fodvorter may be sore at the press. Warts on the hands and face may be cosmetic nuisance, especially for children.

Precautions on warts

Since warts is contagious, can we make efforts to avoid the disease. A wet environment increases the risk of infection, and they should therefore bear badesko in the swimming pool. Have we already have a wart, you can reduce the risk of infection for themselves and others by lacquer warts. This can be done with nail polish or with a special lacquer to warts, which can be bought at the pharmacy.

As mentioned warts are harmless and a common disease that in most cases heals itself, but you should still consult a doctor by the appearance of a wart. First, because our markets can be removed much faster than the cure itself, and partly because there may be something more serious than warts, this applies mostly people over 45 years.
Genital warts should always be seen by a doctor as these could ultimately give rise to cancer.

Treatment of warts

As many warts disappear on its own (especially in children), when the body has formed antibodies against the virus, you can choose to abstain treatment and just cover the wart with varnish or plaster.

Will the warts with faster, there are many different methods for removing warts. In children, the treatment should be preferably not be too uncomfortable, therefore, are often used pens milling with a corrosive agent, who put on the warts, but not the surrounding skin. Above are plaster, and treatment can be combined with pruning once a week. This gets to grips with the most warts within three months. The method may not be used on warts on the face when the skin is too delicate. The same principle used

You can also freeze the wart with liquid nitrogen, this is done in 2-3 weeks apart. The treatment is a little more painful than pens milling. Laserbehandling are also used.

Will we have eliminated warts in a single sitting, it can scrape by in a local anesthetic with subsequent heat treatment of the area.

The latest treatment is phototherapy, which, after having removed the upper layer of warts, warts irradiated with light. Then produce a bladder during warts, which then after some time can be cut away. See also finger and fodvorter.

The treatment of warts is difficult, and there is not a treatment that is effective against all kinds. The process can be lengthy, and it is important to be patient. Decrease infection using varnish or plaster throughout the treatment period.




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