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Definition and symptoms of Keloid

Keloid is excessive growth of arvævet in an area of the skin, who have suffered damage. This may be after a wound, an operation or a burn. When arvævet after such damage is increasing so much that it bulges above the normal skin and beyond the boundaries of where the damage was, they talk about keloid.


In the beginning scar can see normally, but will then begin to grow after a few weeks. Keloid seen more frequently among blacks than whites befolkningsgrupperm, and it also occurs most often at chest or shoulders. Although keloid is growing rapidly and seemingly uncontrolled, the condition is benign and have nothing with, for example. cancer to do.


Treatment of Keloid

Keloid can disappear by itself. If not, it may be difficult to treat. We will usually try to inject the steroids in the keloidet. You can also try to freeze it away. A final option is to remove it by a small operation and possibly combine with X-rays. Here, however, there is a certain risk that the subsequent scars forming new and more keloid. Relapse seen relatively frequent.





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