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Definition and causes

Skinnebenssår is a frequent disorder. There are several types of wounds on the feet and shin, but when you talk about skinnebenssår, said Monday usually those that occur because of poor return underbenets through veins.

When the blood must be from your feet back-to-heart, it runs through the veins. For that blood can not be run back in your feet due to gravity, the veins are equipped with so-called flaps. These valves may be leaking for different reasons. If you have had ablood clot in leg, The flaps subsequently be leaking.Pregnancy,standingwork,overweightandvaricose vein(some sort) also leaking valves.

The leaking valves increases the pressure in the legs when blood is now affected by gravity. The increased pressure makes it difficult to carry oxygen and nutrients into the skin and tissue below. Therefore, the area more vulnerable to impact and shock, and when the wound has occurred, they have more difficulty to the whole.

Wounds on the feet and legs can also be caused by diabetes or arteriosclerosis. Wounds look a little different here (see symptoms). These conditions may also lead to skinnebenssår is a longer time to the whole.

Skinnebenssår is a common disease, especially in the elderly. ½ -1% of the population has skinnebenssår, ie. around 50,000 people. The disease can be very stressful for the individual, and it is therefore important to detect and treat wounds.

Symptoms of skinnebenssår

  • The legs will, even before the wound occurs, be closed, dark and dry, scaly and itchy eczema.

  • Either occurs injured after a stroke, or also on its own.

  • Wounds can be from millimeters to several centimeters long and there may be more at a time and at our feet.

  • The wounds are typically around the ankles and the lower half of the lower leg (calledgaiter area) And usually on the inside.

  • Wounds liquids are red and white just at the bottom and the redness of the skin around.

  • Wounds may hurt, but do not necessarily.

In contrast to the shin years, caused by leaking veins, will wounds after arteriosclerosis usually sit down at your feet, be smaller and deeper and more painful.

Wounds related to diabetes, will sit out at the toes or under enter pads supplied, they will not hurt, and you discover them may not even.

Measures taken by skinnebenssår

Even before shin years to evolve, you can do something even to come to grips with the problem. If you have an increased risk of skinnebenssår (eg. A previous blood clot in the leg, arteriosclerosis, or sedentary lives), we must keep a close eye on the area. Symptoms as hard, dark skin and eczema can be signs of incipient wounds. You should seek medical advice at these characters, or if a wound has occurred.

When skinnebenssår has arisen, there is still much we can do themselves. You can help the blood on the road, so the pressure starts in the legs. This prevents skinnebenssår and helps already accumulated wounds to the whole. This is done throughmuscle-vein-blower. Muscle-vein-blower is a word for underbenets muscles that push blood upward venernes against heart every time they tightened. We are using muscle-vein-blower every time you go. Therefore, the frequent walks (albeit small) in the course of an important days, while long-time ståen make is bad. It can also reduce the pressure by keeping the leg up, for example. on a stool.

The same principle used in support stockings. They hit the pin, then the blood pushed upward, especially when simultaneous use muscles.

NB. You must have studied his lines (his pulse), before using support stockings, when a bad circuit can make the condition worse.

Dressing is also a possibility, if the socks can not be used.

Diagnosis of skinnebenssår

The doctor can examine venernes function with an ultrasound scan and examine the circuit and possible arteriosclerosis with pulse-check and blood pressure measurement at the ankles and toes. What is more, after varicose vein and other diseases such as anemia and diabetes.

Treatment of skinnebenssår

The wound cleaned with soap bath a few times a week, and died hudrester cut. Meanwhile, pin connected, and wounded might need. turns up to twice daily. Later, when the wound begins to whole, it should be changed less frequently. There are many types of ointments and dressings specifically for skinnebenssår.

In infections (sudden redness, warmth, swelling, pain) used antibiotics.

Operation may in appropriate cases. Varicose vein surgery can, and arteriosclerosis can you create a bypass opration in the leg. Here is a healthy artery (artery) fixed on the calcified artery, so the "go around" the calcified place.

Select and complications to skinnebenssår

Skinnebenssår are often present for a long time (weeks to years) and the treatment is lengthy and requires patience. By proper treatment should be a skinnebenssår Nonetheless up at around 1-3 months. Many things may extend this. This is especially true anemia, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, obesity and smoking.



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