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Welcome to Health & Disease

your complete medical guide with high quality up dated information contributed by Scandinavian Doctors and medical professionals delivered free to you.

Our Mission

Health & Disease provides comprehensive information about illnesses and diseases, health promotion, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and healthy lifestyle.
Our directory contains more than 700 articles and hundreds of illustrations of well presented and newly up dated medical information provided by a large team of Scandinavian physicians, medical professionals, medical artists and graphic designers.
Our aim is to be your long term one stop partner in your search for concentrated, crisp and well presented medical information.


Health & Disease is operating as a professional media house and has from time to time advertising on the Website. However, there is a strict policy of watertight separation between editorial content and ads. This is defined in the following rules
  • Health & Disease has full control over all editorial content.
  • Advertisers will never be allowed to affect or alter the editorial content.
  • Health & Disease does not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, pornography or other offensive products and / or organizations
  • Commercial messages will always be clearly marked as different from editorial content. 

Control of Content

Unless another source is indicated, the content on Health & Disease is written by professionals (such as doctors and physisians) or journalists specialised in the area they are writing about. 
Health & Disease owns all content and all illustrations which must not be copied or used commercially without written consent. 


The information on Health & Disease is solely for informational purposes and cannot replace competent professional advice or treatment by trained and licensed therapists and doctors. The articles on Health & Disease cannot be expected always to be 'up to date'. Such a task is outside the purpose of Health & Disease that provides free information in a very comprehensive and dynamic content area where it is assumed that the amount of knowledge doubles in just 5 years.

The information on Health & Disease on treatment and medicine is of a general informative character. You should always seek a qualified professional physician if you in anyway suspect that you suffer from any kind of illness or disease.

Health & Disease cannot be held responsible, neither directly nor indirectly, for any action, injury, nuisance, personal loss or other consequences directly or indirectly that may occur as a result of the use of information on Health & Disease

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