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Definition and causes

Eczema is a rash that either occurs as an allergic reaction or an irritation of the skin. It is an inflammation that can either be acute (sudden) or chronic (long term). The word comes from Greek and means "cooking up". That fits very well with the eksematøse skin that is red, highlighted with small bladders.

The cause of eczema is not precisely known, but it is often a combination of internal and external causes that lead to inflammation condition. Some people have a (inherited) tendency to develop eczema, and must not suffer very long for a drug before eczema occurs. Others are perhaps not as hereditary predisposed, but has for many years been in a job with exposure to eczema-inducing substances. This could be hairdressers, cleaners, or people in health care.

There are many different types of eczema, and they all have different causes, symptoms and treatment. Allergic contact dermatitis is referred to themselves, but it should be noted that both hand dermatitis and eczema scaly failure in children also have an allergic component.

Symptoms of eczema

Generally, for example, applies:

  • Itching

  • Redness, swelling, buds and water bladders by an acute eczema.

  • Dry skin, peeling skin, pain and cracks in a chronic eczema.

There are many different types of eczema, and they all have different causes, symptoms and treatment. The different types of eczema are also characteristic symptoms as described below.

Allergic contact dermatitis is referred to themselves, but it should be noted that both hand dermatitis and eczema scaly failure in children also have an allergic component.

Allergic contact dermatitis
This is mostly about allergy to metals (nickel, chrome, etc.) rubber, perfumes or preservatives. It will for example by nickel-allergy have a red, itchy spot in an area which has been exposed to nickel, for example. a øreflip. The doctor can examine the allergy by a so-called patch-test (epikutan test) and you get placed small quantities of the most common allergy-causing substances on the skin under a patch. After a few days looks as if there is a skin reaction. "Treatment

Lendemarke scaly eczema
This type of eczema have a different history with children and adults. Read more in "scale Lendemarke eczema in children (arp)". Lendemarke scaly eczema in adults is very common and are usually on the face (forehead, nose and cheeks), the skull, top of the chest and back, and in the armpit and groin. Credits for eczema is a mushroom-type that occurs in the skin of all people.

Eczema is red with greasy and scaly skin furnishing, and the clubs. The treatment is sunshine, mild steroid creams and possibly. a fungal treatment. In connection with this you get eczema often hårskæl.

Contact Eczema
This type of eczema is also known as hand eczema, because it almost always sit on your hands. 2 / 3 of håndeksemer occurs because of irritation, 1 / 3 because of allergies. Irritation is usually caused by frequent contact with water, soap or irritating substances. Hand Eczema due to allergies are as described in allergic dermatitis.

Hand Eczema usually start with redness and swelling of the skin, which is coarser than normal. Later there will be sore cracks, drying and peeling of the skin. It can spread throughout the hand but is usually worst on håndryg and fingers.

The symptoms can be reduced through the use of protective gloves, but in itself also can cause eczema. 10 of Danes in work has hand eczema. The symptoms can be debilitating and prevent people from continuing their work. It is important to mention that a hand eczema, caused by one's work, is an industrial injury and must be notified to the industrial activities.

Dyshidrotisk eczema
This type of eczema is also a kind of hand eczema, also known as the pompholyx. Unlike the other hand eczema are typically in the palms of the hands and on the inside of your fingers. There is itchy water bladders, which come and go at times. The disease can disappear after a few years but are difficult to treat and can be life-long and highly annoying.

Old age Eczema
This type is also known as eczema craquelé or asteatotisk eczema. It can be seen frequently in the elderly, especially in winter. On the legs, arms and body developed a dry, itchy skin and flaking. You should avoid frequent use of soap and water and smear themselves with moisturizer. In the worst periods can steroidcreme used.

Nummulat eczema
This type of eczema is also known as eczema coin. It developed suddenly 1-3 cm large, red, swollen, itchy strong fields. The cause is unknown. The most seen in older men. Eczema can last several years, and there will usually strong steroid creams or phototherapy to improve symptoms, which may shrink by itself.

Measures taken by eczema

For example, it is important to find the triggering cause and then restrict contact with the substance as much as possible. However, there is often more than one cause of dermatitis and eczema by many never find the causes. By suspected allergic eczema created a patch test (see above).

Plastic gloves have a protective effect, like a wash, should take place in warm water and soap with uparfumeret. A good moisturizer will also reduce the drying and flaking.

Complications of eczema

Eczema is a highly annoying but harmless illness. The most frequent complication is infection with bacteria. This can give example. impetigo.

Treatment of eczema

By using the methods described in steps and supplement with steroid cream 1-2 times a day you will be able to cure facilitate cases of contact dermatitis.

In case of severe cases of contact dermatitis and other types of eczema can be more potent (stronger) steroid creams may be necessary. In acute eczema can be red-bathing "(potassium permanganate) help, and infected (bacteria in eczema) fields can be lubricated with creams containing both steroids and antibiotics.

The most difficult cases can be treated with steroid pills (prednisone), medicines affecting the immune system, or PUVA treatment (a combination of a drug, psoralen and UVA lysterapi).

As mentioned allergies are lifelong, and most eczema will also erupt several times through their lives in contact with the triggering substances. A small part of eczema is so severe that they become disabled or meet people from the labor market. The vast majority of cases can be checked and kept to a minimum of interference, if you follow the treatment principles.



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