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Definition and causes

Pladeepitelcancer consists of skin cancer and basal cell carcinoma (combined non-melanoma skin cancer) and malignant melanoma (modermærkekræft).

There are approximately 500 cases of pladeepitelcancer in Denmark a year. The disease caused by exposure to sunlight, and as with basal cell carcinoma is the total amount of sunlight throughout life determining the risk. Sunlight causes a mutation in the p53 gene that normally tells skin cells when to go to the land. When this gene is damaged, cells will be more and more. The disease developed more often in the elderly (over 65), but also younger people who have been exposed to very Solly

Symptoms of pladeepitelcancer

For pladeepitelcancer the following:

  • In the beginning there was a solid lump (tumor) in the skin.

  • Usually at lysudsatte areas of the face, ears and hands.

  • The growing rapidly.

  • Could be a wound that will not whole.

  • Acrid with boundary and a hard surface.

  • Sore when you touch it.

If the tumor is located at the body orifices (lips, eye rand, genitals or similar) must be extra careful, because these are growing rapidly and spreading earlier.

Complications of pladeepitelcancer

Pladeepitelkræft spreads (metastases) in 2-4 of cases to the nearest lymph nodes, but almost never to distant organs. If it is detected early, the prognosis is very good. As with basal cell carcinoma, there is an increased risk of new cases, once you have had pladeepitelcancer again. This is because the rest of the skin after all have received the same high amount of light as it has already affected area. It should be noted that people with impaired immune system has a higher incidence of pladeepitelcancer, and


You should consult a doctor if you discover a wound that will not whole, or a suspicious appearance knot, which is growing rapidly. The doctor makes a diagnosis on the basis of hudforandringens distinctive appearance and using a tissue (biopsy). To avoid pladeepitelcancer and other forms of skin cancer occurs, we should take the following precautions:

  • Avoid excessive Sun, and you stay in the shade at between 11 and 14 in summer.

  • If you still stay in the sun at noon, then tires to the skin with clothing and tires to face with a hat.

  • Always use sunscreen with a high-protection factor, and remember to spread a thick layer on.

  • Monitor your children from sunburn.

For more information, see also sunscreen.

Treatment of pladeepitelcancer

Tumor removed mostly by surgery, but you can also use X-rays. After removing the tumor may be necessary with a skin replacement. In contrast to basal cell carcinoma used not scraping or freezing treatment due to risk of residual tumor tissue. After removing controls Monday instead of five years to detect a possible relapse. Most cases of pladeepitelcancer can be cured.



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