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Definition and causes

Iktyose (fiskeskælshud) is a relatively rare disease. It's an error in the maturation of outer layer of skin. This means that the skin is very dry and scaly failure.

There are many subgroups of the disease, the vast majority of whom are hereditary. The most serious forms is innate, while others show up only during childhood. The disease occurs frequently in children with eczema (atopic dermatitis).

Symptoms of iktyose

The skin becomes dry throughout the body. There are formed while dry, scaly gray-brown, hence the name fiskeskælshud. If the disease occurs while children eczema, scaly gap is usually only present on the chest, back, stomach and on the front of the legs and back of arms.

There is usually an improvement in the summer, and the disease improved significantly with age. Few adults have greater discomfort of the disease.


If you suspect that your child may have iktyose, should a doctor examine the child. The disease is harmless but can be of great practical and cosmetic nuisance.

Treatment of iktyose

Treatment is long and consists of indsmøring with a special moisturizer and bath oil. I said, you may need a vitamin A product. It should also protect children against the cold, as this exacerbates the condition.




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