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Definition and causes

When a follicles and its associated talgkirtel being invaded by bacteria, a betændelsesansamling called a furunkel. There is often talk of staphylococcal bacteria that are normally not part of skin bacterial environment, but some people to bear on the skin or in the nose. Bacterium produces a kind of skin inflammation around. The matter is a mixture of bacteria and dead white blood cells, which are injected to combat nuclear staphylococci. Furunkler should not be confused with acne (acne).

Furunkler seen in all age groups and are harmless. Repeated cases (Furunculosis) Can be very annoying and can in rare cases be the first symptom of diabetes (diabetic). Carbuncles is a collection of furunkler.

Symptoms of furunkler and carbuncles

  • First seen a reddish elevation of the skin, which is very sore.

  • The area is growing, becoming more sore and tense. Possibly resulting in a white patch in the center as an expression of inflammation.

  • Furunklen can burst and drain the matter, but it can also ophele of itself.

  • There may subsequently come a scar where furunklen was located.

Precautions and complications

Furunkler are common, harmless infections. They can occur again the same place, and less commonly, you can suffer repeated furunkler. As mentioned here should consider whether the recurring furunkler are signs of diabetes. Large furunkler in the nose or folds over the lip, however, should be seen by a doctor as just those of proliferation through the blood can give rise to more serious infections.

Treatment of furunkler and carbuncles

In less furunkler can attenuate the symptoms of hot, wet cover, for example. gauze or cotton wool. The doctor can make a small cut in furunklen and exhausting inflammation. Then put a little gauze into the void, since furunklen be ophele inside. There is usually no need for treatment with antibiotics.

In the event of furunkler treated with helkropsvask with chlorohexidine-soap, especially carefully in the face. This is supplemented by treatment of staphylococci in the nose with a bacteria-killing cream in a week. Family members should also be addressed.


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