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Definition and causes

Soleksem is a very common condition. 10-20% of Denmark's population is suffering soleksem in their lives. The vast majority are children and young people between 10 and 30 years. Soleksem may appear in many different ways, but with the individual, it will resemble itself year after year.

Soleksem occur in areas that are highly exposed to light. We know that sunlight triggers eczema, but nobody knows exactly how or why. Soleksem occurs 1 to 3 days after exposure to sunlight, and if you do not expose your skin to more sun, it will disappear by themselves after a few weeks.

For a lot of sunbathing starts soleksem usually in the spring and can be carried over throughout the summer and then disappear in the fall and come back the following year. In many will eczema after a period of years become smaller or disappear entirely.

Symptoms of soleksem

The most common form of soleksem is aredrash. It is seen most often in the face, neck and chest but can occur anywhere on the body. Rashitchmuch, and there isred or white buds. There may also bewater bladders.

A special kind soleksem called summer acne. Pimple-like buds seen in front of the face and chest.

Soleksem orlysudslætcan also occur when you are in the sun after the influence of a particular substance. There may, for example. be talking about drugs or toxic plantHogweed, Which provides large bladders by subsequent lysudsættelse.

Finally, you can rarely get hives of the sun.

Measures taken by soleksem

Once again had soleksem, it is wise to be cautious in the sun to come. If the rash of UVB rays, the general solfaktor-creams protect against new outbreaks. Start with a high-protection factor (15 or more) trap and then slowly down when the skin has been little color. The pigment formed in the skin by sunbathing, protects against the development of eczema. If solfaktor-cream certainly does not help, it may be because eczema comes from UVA rays. So we need

Treatment of soleksem

Just when a soleksem created, you can use steroid creams to ease the symptoms. The best treatment is, however, to ensure that soleksem from occurring. Protect your skin, therefore, as described above.


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