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Definition and causes

Rosen (Erysipelas) is an inflammation of the skin, usually triggered by streptococci bacterium. Rosen created by the streptococci penetrate the skin through small, superficial wounds. Frequently, it is about chronic skinnebenssår, fungal infection between the toes or eczema. Wounds may also be too small to see with the naked eye. From the point of entry inflammation spreads rapidly because the bacteria excrete substances that make the skin more vulnerable to attack. Rosen is a relatively common disorder and

Symptoms of Rosen

  • I already found any. a wound from which inflammation can develop. For example. a skinnebenssår, eczema, a regulatory or similar.

  • Abrupt skin becomes red, hot, sore and stressed. The area is sharply defined from the normal skin.

  • The red zone is spreading quickly (within hours).

  • Typical locations for the rose is the lower leg (eg. From a skinnebenssår) or in one half of the face (eg. From øregangseksem), rarer in an arm or a hand.

  • At the same time with flushing or promptly you become unwell with fever, chills, headache and possibly. nausea and vomiting.

Precautions and complications Rosen

If you suspect ringworm, you should consult a doctor. If we do not treat ringworm, the bacteria can spread to the bloodstream and give blood poisoning. A rose is processed in time, rarely gives anyone but.

Treatment of Rosen

Rosen dealt primarily with antibiotics. As the most frequently discussed streptococci, will be given penicillin, which is highly active against this bacteria. The symptoms disappear after only a few days. Moreover, it is infested place (for example. Leg) remain high and possibly. Wrap Compacting supports.



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