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Definition and causes

Pladeepitelcancer consists of skin cancer and basal cell carcinoma, which together are called non-melanoma skin cancer (in everyday language "skin"), and malignant melanoma (modermærkekræft). Malignant melanoma is the most serious of the three because it grows fast and has great tendency to metastasis (spread to other parts of the body).

Malignant melanoma occurs when the cells that produce melanin (skin coloring; it you get suntanned of), begins to multiply unfettered. This is an overriding effect on the cells through the sunlight. Contrary to common skin cancer, however, it is very much the number of sunburn, especially in childhood, which increases the risk of malignant melanoma.

The disease is seen more often in women and slightly more frequently in people with many congenital marks. Malignant melanoma occurs only in less than half of the cases in an already existing birthmark.
There are approximately 500 cases of malignant melanoma each year in Denmark, and the incidence has risen sharply over the past decades.

Symptoms of modermærkekræft

Tumor can sit anywhere on the body, but usually the places that have been exposed to very bright: Face, back, chest and lower. Yesterday Swimwear region frequently free. Rarely can malignant melanoma seen in the white of the eye or under a fingernail.

Go to the doctor with your birthmark, if:

  • Your birthmark begins to grow.

  • It changes the color, or if the same birthmark contains several colors.

  • Your birthmark begins to soften.

  • You brands "unrest" in the parent brand or the clubs.

Other typical features of melanoma is an irregular edge, asymmetry and a size greater than 6 millimeters.


All people have marks, and they can be considered quite normal and harmless. It is a very small proportion of marks that develop into malignant melanoma. It also develops new marks, up to 40 years of age, and as long as they are round and symmetrical, there is no reason for concern.

If a birthmark any of the above characteristics, one should, however, seek doctor immediately because the prognosis for malignant melanoma depends largely on how early it is discovered.

To avoid developing a malignant melanoma should abide by the following advice in connection with soldyrkning:

  • Avoid excessive Sun, and you stay in the shade at between 11 and 14 in summer.

  • If you still stay in the sun at noon, then tires to the skin with clothing and tires to face with a hat.

  • Always use sunscreen with a high-protection factor, and remember to spread a thick layer on.

  • Screen always your children from sunburn, and even attempts to avoid burning.

For more information, see also sunscreen.

Treatment of modermærkekræft

A birthmark, which are suspected to be a malignant melanoma, always removed by surgery. This is a simple procedure and the way it looks on the birthmark removed microscope. If it proves to be malignant melanoma, one removes while the nearest lymph nodes. In the same connection also eliminates the 1-2 cm surrounding normal skin to be sure you get the whole tumor with. Accordingly, there can sometimes be needed to cover an area of skin from somewhere else on

Select and complications modermærkekræft

If the tumor is removed early, the prognosis is very good with a 5-year survival of 95%. Malignant melanoma is a very serious disease because it grows quickly and spreads early.



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