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Definition and causes

Yellow fever is a viral infection transmitted by myggenAëdes aegypti. Many monkeys in the south, American and African forests carries the virus, and when large myggepopulationer sucks blood from abernes and subsequently find their way into a human inhabited area, is infection.

Yellow fever can be a very serious illness, at worst life-threatening, and vaccination is therefore very important before you travel to the above areas (see Prevention below).

Symptoms of yellow fever

Pådrager Monday to yellow fever, the disease can vary greatly. It usually takes between 3-16 days before Monday marks the disease.

In many cases the symptoms will be mild and remind those who perform at influenza .

In more difficult cases may be very high fever, abdominal pain, and væskemangel anaemia . There may also occur blodtilblandede vomiting, bleeding in the mouth and jaundice with the yellow colour (hence the name yellow fever).

Select and complications

Candidate above symptoms, yellow fever can be a fatal disease because of bleeding, renal failure , brain or kredsløbsshock .

Candidate symptoms on the other hand, and survive the disease Monday, the Monday following lifelong immunity.


As the disease spread by mosquitoes, it is a good idea to bring mosquito nets and mosquito repellent when travelling to these areas. This gives the best protection against disease Malaria , Which also spread by mosquitoes.

Do Monday to renewable tired and bad adjustment after a stay in areas with yellow fever, you should consult a doctor. Here it is important to state exactly when and for how long, it has been the place, and if you are vaccinated before departure. Together with some blood samples and the above information, the doctor can better determine if one has been infected with the disease.

Consideration of yellow fever

There is no real treatment for the disease (the virus). Should we be seriously ill, it is necessary to treat the individual symptoms (symptomatic treatment).

Prevention of yellow fever

Vaccination against the disease is very important and provides good protection. If Monday is planning to travel to areas where yellow fever occurs, we should talk to their own doctor (see article: Before udlandsrejsen ). The doctor can then refer to one of the special places that vaccinate against yellow fever.

The vaccine must be given at least 10 days before, and it has since protected 10 years.

Vaccination against yellow fever in the above countries attached great importance, and lack of vaccination in some cases cause you to be refused entry.





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