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Definition and causes

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of fatigue and more diffuse symptoms in more than 6 months. There is not a unique sygdomsbillede, and the disease show great variation from person to person. The disease is believed to occur after infection with the virus or in connection with major psychological influences example, loss of relatives, stress or depression . The reason is not exactly clear, and the syndrome can be caused by other, unresolved factors. The duration is very different and can be from months to several years.

The disease occurs as a rule in 25-45 years of age and affects mostly women. However, children and elderly people affected. The number of people suffering from the disease is not known precisely, since many cases do not exist or is diagnosed.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

People with chronic fatigue syndrome suffer from multiple symptoms. However, it is a key that they must have felt verytired by more than 6 months. In addition, seen typical symptoms, which can also be seen by a viral infection:

  • Myalgia and joint pain.

  • Koncentrationsproblemer.

      Moreover fremprovokeres anxiety and depressionssymptomer If people suffering from these conditions.

      Precautions and diagnosis

      If you feel more tired than normal over a longer period of time, can only gennemtænke, there are some changes in your daily life and døgnrytme we can improve. When this is tested, one can subsequently go to their doctor and be examined for possible infection or other diseases that can cause fatigue, for example. myxødem (low metabolism) or anaemia . In children, mononukleose a frequent cause of fatigue.

      There is no blood test, which can directly detect chronic fatigue syndrome, and the diagnosis made on the basis of the person's entire history on the level, and by excluding other causes.

      Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome

      There is no direct treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. You may choose to treat muscle and joint pain or headache with generally analgesic pills as paracetamol preparations (panodil, pinex electricity. Like.). (We should not give aspirin products to children, because it can cause the serious condition Reyes syndrome ).

      Select and complications

      People with chronic fatigue syndrome comes after months to a few years and can return to their normal functioning.

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