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Definition and causes

Bornholm disease is a viral disease that gives flu-like symptoms and particularly affects the muscles in the thorax and lungehinderne. The name has arisen, since too many years ago had an epidemic of the disease on the island of Bornholm.


The virus found among others in the stools from infected people and the disease can be transferred. by handshake after the toilet. The virus can not pass through the skin, but by subsequent contact with the mouth, it can infect the gastrointestinal tract. The virus may also spread by dråbeinfektion, where the infectious agent from entering the air through coughing and newly and keep floating in small væskedråber. It comes in the upper respiratory tract through the nose and mouth and can spread to the lungs.

Infection is strongly reflected by an inflammation of the muscles around the thorax (myositis) and in lungehinderne ( pleuritis ). Smittede persons will therefore often a feeling that kept firmly in the chest by breathing - so called bornholmsk sick forDevils grip.

It is mostly children and young people who get the disease, and developed the above symptoms do not, the


Symptoms of the disease bornholmsk

The incubation period (time from infection to the first symptom) is usually 3-4 days. Borholmsk sick can have a mild course, and if so easily confused with ordinary influenza .


The first symptoms are flu-like:

  • General malaise.
  • High fever.
  • Headache.

However, there may soon belong to worse symptoms, which comes in the attack. These are:

  • Cough.
  • Strong, stinging pain around the chest - usually only on one side. This gives the pain by breathing and coughing.
  • Abdominal pain.


Select and complications

The disease is more than a few days, after which it moves by itself. There are rare complications. In a few cases, there may be other, more serious infections in the body. Get the growing bad, we should therefore go to the doctor.

Precautions and diagnosis

Since the disease is very characteristic symptoms, the doctor can usually make most often diagnosed in sygehistorien. Is there a need to ensure the diagnosis, then take a fæcesprøve (afføringsprøve) cultivation ).


As the disease spreads primarily through contact with the other, we can reduce the risk of infection by keeping good håndhygiejne.


Consideration of bornholmsk sick

There is not a proper treatment of bornholmsk sick. Get found the disease, one should be in his bed a few days and wait for you get better. It may take general pain killer (for example. Paracetamolpræparater as Panodil, Pamol, Pinex etc..) To reduce fever. Hoster Monday much, you can also use hostelindrende medicine.






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