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Definition and causes

Infectious cups (Variola) is a highly contagious viral disease. For several years back called disease death, but after the introduction of an effective vaccine, the disease is now eradicated. The last time that the world was registered a case of Variola, was back in 1977.

Symptoms of infectious smallpox (Variola)

After infection with the smallpox virus was normally 10-12 days before the symptoms began. During the first day were those commonly:

  • Headache.

  • High fever.

  • Disorders of the tongue and mouth.

  • Rødligt udslet on the arms, legs, in the face and later in the body. Udslettet developed into bladders and after ophelingen was obvious scars.

Select and complications

The disease could prove difficult with ledsymptomer or brain and half died of the disease.

Precautions and diagnosis

Since the disease was very common, one could usually make the diagnosis from the appearance of the disease. In some countries there as laboratories with the investigation with the microscope and blood samples more accurately make the diagnosis. This is done not in Denmark.
Smittede people were isolated and those with contact with infected were vaccinated.

Treatment of infectious smallpox (Variola)

Vaccination was with antibiotics and væskebehandling the primary treatment.


The prevention of the disease was through the vaccination of all, in exposed areas. This led to the WHO in 1980 officially declared the disease eradicated. Thus, we no longer vaccinate against the disease.






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