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Definition and causes

Shingles is a painful hudlidelse, due to infection with the virus Varicella Zoster (Herpes varicellae). Varicella-Zoster virus spreads by inhaling virus particles from an infected patient and in the first place chickenpox . The disease is highly contagious, and 90 have had chickenpox in barnealderen. Virusset establish themselves then in følenervernes grains and become inactive.

Many years after the virus can flare up, and you get shingles. Typically in the elderly over 60 years, and is often seen shingles in connection with any other illness or other forms of physical or psychological stress, the immune system is weak.

Virus migrate from nervekernen and along nervegrenen why udslættet have a characteristic båndformet appearance similar to nervens dissemination. Usually seen shingles on the chest or the abdomen, and almost always unilaterally.

Symptoms of shingles

There are stinging and burning pain along one or more nervebaner, equivalent to a semi-circular belt on the body. Disorders seen in the same area. 2-3 days after coming to væskefyldte bladders similar to chickenpox in the same area. After 3-5 days when the outbreak peak, bladders burst and become wounds, which subsequently met by sårskorper. 2-3 weeks after all the scabs fell.

Precautions and diagnosis

It can not be infected with shingles from someone who has shingles. If you have had chickenpox, is immune and already have the virus in "hibernation" in itself. Have you never been infected, you will develop chickenpox by infection from a person with shingles.

By stress or serious illness is a high risk for outbreaks because the immune system is weakened. Shingles seen, for example. often in AIDS patients.

The diagnosis made by the characteristic rash, and can be supported by grafting from the bladders and blood samples.

Treatment of shingles

The outbreak of shingles will go by itself in time. It is important to keep the skin around the wounds clean, so there is bacterial infection of them subsequently.

The outbreak can be very painful, and there are different lokalbedøvende and soothing to anoint påsmøring. Analgesics medicine in tablet form is also active.

For patients over 60 years and in bad cases, the herpes zoster with antivirals, including famciclovir or aciclovir.

Select and complications

The vast majority of outbreaks precursor painful, but straightforward, and is completed within 3 weeks. A percentage is developing so-called post-herpetic neuralgia, which is chronic persistent pain in the area, even after udslættet disappeared. This pain can last up to six months and can be very debilitating. There are drugs that have a certain effect on pain.

The shingles in the face often experienced temporary paralysis in the region, and a feared complication is the involvement of the eye cornea (see Keratitis ), Which can cause lasting damage to this.





















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