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Definition and reason

Svampeinfektion in the lungs is a very rare condition in Denmark, and it is seen almost exclusively in people who already have a weakened immune system. It may, be due to:

  • Kemoterapi.

  • Binyrebarkhormonbehandling.

  • HIV infection .

  • Diabetes .

  • Drug addiction.

  • High age and general weakness.

The fungi that can infect the lungs, which are in Denmark, is gærsvampenCryptococcus neoformansThat can give lung cryptococcose, and FusariumAspergillus fumigatuswhich can give lung aspergillosis. None of the fungi are part of the human normalflora of micro-organisms. The former are widespread in soil and in fuglegødning. Inhalation of svampepartikler from here can give infection in the lungs of people.A. fumigatusfound in the soil, rotten plants, and dust in the air. It can also be seen on mouldy food. Ventilation and luftfugtere can be spredningskilde in a hospital.

Gærsvampen Candida albicans in serious cases can spread through blood, and give an infection in the lungs.

Symptoms of fungal infection in the lungs

The symptoms can vary greatly. Some infections moving by itself and very few symptoms. The symptoms are often flu with fever, cough, opspyt and chest pain.

Cryptococcose can give shortness of breath and night svedeture. The mushroom has a high tendency to spread to the central nervous system and give meningitis . It can also spread to bone, skin or internal organs.

Aspergillose can prove by, in addition influenzasymptomer that lead to the patient hosts blood. The mushroom can grow locally, and low fortætninger in the lung, which can be seen on an X-ray. Svampeinfektion in the lungs can be confused with pulmonary tuberculosis That also makes isolated fortætninger.

Precautions and diagnosis

Seeing Monday the above symptoms in more than two weeks, it is a good idea to go to the doctor and be examined.
There is not any specific symptoms of fungal infection in the lungs, and since lungebetændelser by bacterial or viral origin, many times more frequent, this is often excluded, before the doctor thinks of a fungal infection in the lungs. Normally, only if the person is HIV-infected or otherwise immunsvækket that it will consider whether it could be a fungal infection.

The diagnosis made by the detection of fungus from a location that is not natural can be contaminated with mould. It may be by detection of fungi in the blood, in rygmarvsvæsken, or in lungehulevæsken. With an instrument you can wash luftvejsgrenene in the lungs and collect skyllevæsken up again. If this repeatedly demonstrates svampeaktivitet, there is a high risk of fungal infection in the lungs. The safest method is, however, to take a vævsprøve (biopsy) of the lungs.

Consideration of a fungal infection in the lungs

As people who have a fungal infection in the lungs, often immunocompromised, the picture is not always good. There are strong fungicides, so-calledantifungalThat works well on fungal infections. The fungus in the lungs given the intravenous (into a vein) in several weeks. There are certain side effects of treatment.

Select and complications

Depends entirely on the possible. underlying disease. A fungal infection in the lungs of an otherwise healthy person will be vast cured completely with antimykotisk treatment.





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