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Definition and causes

TBE is a viral disease that can create brain . It is spread by bites of the same type of skovflåter (Ixodes castor bean), Which also can transfer Borrelia .

Earlier it was felt that TBE virus only existed on the island of Bornholm, but recent studies suggest that the virus has now spread to more areas of Denmark. Outside its borders are TBE virus on the east coast of Sweden and in forests in the Alps, Eastern Europe and Russia. It is not the only people who quarrel, skovflåter, various mammals infected too, including cows. Against this background, there was very rare cases of mælkeoverført infection.

It may well be bitten by a flåt without getting either TBE or Borrelia. It is far from all skovflåter, which bears the virus, and it is so unfortunate to have the virus in the body, it is not all that will be sick of it.

Symptoms of TBE

There are usually between 8-14 days after a bite of a tick before we can feel the symptoms of mild brain. The symptoms are flu and goods a few days. These include:

  • Fever.

  • Headache.

  • Education sygdomsfornemmelse.

After a period without sygdomsfornemmelse, which can last from days to weeks, starting more serious symptoms of brain or hjernehindebetændelse . These include:
  • Dizziness.

  • Hypersensitivity to light.

  • Effect of brain functions in which the person may be lethargic and confused or in the worst cases, lose consciousness.

  • Paralysis.


The diagnosis made by a blood test that shows antibodies against TBE virus. Are you affected by the above symptoms, will be in the hospital usually take a sample of rygmarvsvæsken by a lumbar puncture to investigate further.

If you have symptoms of hjernepåvirkning, there will also possibly be done a CT or MRI scan .

Consideration of TBE

There is no specific treatment for the disease. Consequently symptomatic by supporting the body's own defense and alleviate the symptoms.

Select and complications

Many people will never feel that they have the virus in the body and will only discover it, if they have studied the blood for antibodies that the immune system forms when the meetings TBE virus. However, the TBE be a very serious illness and a 1 / 3 part of those who admitted to hospital, get permanent mental damage and paralysis. It is as a rule, older people are hit hardest by the disease, and a very small part of the door.

The forecast is best for children, who rarely gets a serious illness.

Precautions and prevention of TBE

If you walk in the woods, there is always a small risk that we will be bitten by a tick. Are we in vulnerable areas should be sure to wear long pants, long sleeves and closed shoes. After the return from skovturen, should subsequently examine themselves thoroughly for any attached ticks. It is particularly important to examine bøjefurer in elbows and knees, and in armhulerne and the crotch. Should we discover a flåt, this shall be removed as soon as possible (see skovflåter . If you can not remove all of skovflåten (the head can break, and left as a black dot in the skin), it is important to go to the doctor. Have we had a tick and get the above or other symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. The risk of flåtbid and thus infection with the TBE is highest in summer and efterårsmånederne.

There is a vaccine that can prevent TBE and can be used for all risk groups. Talk with your own doctor if you need to stay much in the forest.



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