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Definition and causes

Our body has a natural flora of micro-organisms, including certain types of mushrooms. One of them is gærsvampen candida albicans. This is available on the mucous membranes in the mouth, vagina, urinrør and intestine.

If you have a normal immune system, this will not cause infection, but if you have a disease, or is in a treatment that weakens the immune system, can svampevæksten flourish, and you can get a really candidainfektion (candidiasis).

Conditions which increase the risk of candidiasis:

  • Education weakening.

  • Broad antibiotic treatment (antibiotics do not work on fungi, but gives them often better growing conditions).

  • Kemoterapi, binyrebarkhormon (steroid) or other immunosuppressive treatment.

  • Diabetes.

  • Age.

  • AIDS.

  • Drug addiction.

  • Obesity.

  • Heat and humidity.

  • Stofskiftelidelser.

  • Malnutrition.

  • Prolonged sengeleje.

  • Kateter (a plastiskslange), for example. a blood vessel or in the urethra. Or intuberede patients (respiratorpatienter).

Skedesvamp are relatively frequent in women, and may be due to poor hygiene, frequent sæbevask and / or enclosed areas because, for example. Volume, tampons, tight briefs. See also Fungi in the vagina . Skedesvamp does not mean that you have a reduced immune systems.

In addition to the vagina is the most frequent location of candidiasis mouth, where the state is called Thrush . Similarly, it can be seen in the oesophagus and upper respiratory tract. It can be seen on the skin where it does not get enough air, for example. in bøjefurer, in the step and under the breasts, especially in overweight.
Candida albicans can also provide neglesvamp .

In highly immunocompromised fungus can spread through the blood to all organs, including the heart, lungs and brain or hjernehinder.

Symptoms of candidainfektion

Showing at the mucous membranes (eg. Vagina and oral) by pain and itching, and flødeskumslignende coverings. If these are removed, the underlying mucous membrane red and slightly bleeding. From the vagina could be seen smelling discharge, which most resembles cottage cheese.
Men can develop inflammation of penishovedet (balanitis) .

In the oesophagus and respiratory system can candidainfektion give symptoms such as pain at synkning and breathing.
The skin is localized to hudfolder, and the skin is red, damp, vulnerable and skællende.
Candida in the gut can lead to blood in the stools, abdominal pain and fever.

If the fungus spread by the blood may, in rare cases, give hjerteklapbetændelse (endokarditis) , pneumonia or infection in the kidney, stomach or brain. It is a life-threatening condition, if the fungus has spread to the bloodstream.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you have an increased risk of getting fungal infections (see definition and cause), it is important to be given careful hygiene. Many people take inhalationspræparater with binyrebarkhormon (eg. Because asthma and COPD patients). For them it is important to rinse their mouths after inhalation, to avoid mundsvamp. Skin should be washed and dried thoroughly, especially places where the skin has found it difficult to breathe.

For women it is important to abdomen have the ability to breathe. Excessive washing with soap can also disrupt bakteriemiljøet, and provide good growth prospects for mushrooms.
Get symptoms, reminiscent of a fungal infection, it is important to consult a doctor, as otherwise healthy people do not normally see such an infection.

Consideration of candidainfektion

There are several effective fungicides that can be supplied locally as a cream, mundmikstur, vaginalsalve, or tablets which works the entire body. In severe cases of fungal infection, it may be necessary to give a strong fungicide intravenously (into the bloodstream).

Select and complications

The vast majority of infections with candida is progressing without complications. As the fungal infection is not an findings in otherwise healthy people, depends on the progress of a bug. underlying disease. In severe infections, where the fungus spread by blood to the body's organs, it is a life-threatening condition.



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