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Definition and causes

Streptokokker is bacteria. They are like staphylococci as a natural part of the nose and svælgfloraen of many. There are many different streptokok species, and some are not pathogenic, while others are pathogenic in certain organs.

Streptokokker is the most common cause of bacterial sore throat. It may also give scarlet fever and Rose (erysipelas).

Bakterien spreads through direct contact or inhalation of airborne dråbepartikler from infected.

Symptoms of streptokokinfektion

The symptoms depend on how incurred infection. The most streptokok infection is the classic sore throat . Most infections of the throat caused by viruses, and it is not to look at the symptoms, on halsbetændelsen caused by viral or bacterial infection. Halsbetændelse shown by redness and strong pain in the throat. If halsbetændelsen show with swollen tonsils, it is probably a streptokokinfektion. Often you get 39-40 degrees of fever and headache.

Scarlet fever (scarlantina) can act together with halsbetændelsen, and is due to toxins (poisons) produced by the bacterium. This is shown by a højrødt udslet in the face, hours later spreads to the neck, overkrop, arms and legs. The area around the mouth is free and retain its natural color. You get high fever. At around. the fourth is the tongue crimson and was closed, so-called hindbærtunge. After about. one week seen scouring the rash on the neck, chest, arms and legs.
Have we once had scarlet fever, is immune for life, and can not have it again. Read more in the article: Scarlet fever.

Rosen (erysipelas). Smitter through småsår, often in the face, but are also frequent among people suffering from skinnebenssår. The disease starts with a small red dot, with the spread of the infection quickly, and there was a hot, red and raised rash, with clear-cut distinction to the healthy skin. Geography seen most often in loose skin which, inter alia, found on the cheeks and around the eyes and ears. In the brink of wiped can form blisters. Lymfeknuder in the area is enlarged and sore. The disease starts acute, and soon high fe

Streptokokker may be the cause of impetigo (impetigo) and bacterial endokarditis .

Precautions and diagnosis

Streptococcus sore throat spill not as dramatically as, for example. influenza, but one should avoid close contact with infected. Diagnosis made by the physician by a grafting from the tonsils and pharynx, and the answer is available in minutes. A blood test can show whether there is bacteria in the blood.

Scarlagensfeber and rose diagnosed by their characteristic sygdomsbillede. Rosen can be avoided by proper hudhygiejne, which is particularly important if you tend to wounds.

Consideration of streptokokinfektion

Streptokokker can be treated with antibiotics. Almost all are sensitive to normal penicillin. Penicillinallergikere may instead be treated with the drug erytromycin.

Select and complications

Halsbetændelsen is like over at around. a week. If you are unfortunate, can be developed abscesses around the tonsils. In rare cases may be 1-3 weeks after a sore throat developed rheumatic fever or glomerulo nephritis .

Rosen quickly turned down with penicillinkur.

Scarlet fever done around. two weeks, leaving a very rare injury.








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