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Definition and causes

Chlamydia is a bacterium and klamydiaforårsagede infections are common and can cause a variety of diseases. The name combines the vast majority, however, with the most common sexually transmitted disease at home; Chlamydia relating to the genital and urinary tract (see more of this disease).

In addition, infection with chlamydia in the lung or eye the most, and some states may be serious without treatment.
Klamydiabakterien found in different types, and the disease occurred, is linked to bakterietypen and the way the bacterium to humans.

Papegøjesyge (Ornitose)

A type of Chlamydia in the lungs can give a bad pneumonia, which is called papegøjesyge (ornitose). This disease caused by inhalation of dust from the birds excrete bacteria in their stools. Ornitose is rare and is seen most often in dyrehandlere, of people working in poultry and people who keep birds.

Symptoms of klamydiaforårsagede infections (Ornitose)

Symptoms of pneumoniawith klamydiabakterier is often influenza --like in the beginning. Generally seen:

  • General malaise with muscle aches.

  • Cough.

  • Fever.

  • Headache.

  • Breathing difficulties.

There may, in some cases cause more serious symptoms such asrashes on the body,swollen lymph nodes in the neck, a slightly enlarged spleenand in some casesconvulsions.

Select and complications

Ornitose is potentially a dangerous lung disease if not treated quickly. Velbehandlet, the mortality rate low. Another type of klamydiabakterie gives a more mild form of pneumonia and can simultaneously generate the upper respiratory tract. This type is very rare serious, and the prognosis is usually good.

Precautions and diagnosis

Works in pet or fjerkræslagteri, you must be aware of the disease. It may therefore in some cases (where there are many birds) is recommended to wear masks.

Works Monday in an exposed profession, and experiencing the above symptoms, you should go to the doctor, who can make the diagnosis by a blood test and an examination of secrete from the airways.

Consideration of klamydiaforårsagede infections

All klamydiaforårsagede infections treated with antibiotics. Do we have suspected to have incurred a Chlamydia, one should go to the doctor. By ornitose can we run the risk removal to the hospital.

Other klamydiaforårsagede diseases

Klamydiabakterier may also give an infection in the eye conjunctiva, with subsequent scarring. This is called a tranquillizer and are in developing countries the most common cause of blindness.

The sexually transmitted form of chlamydia may also cause a milder form of eye. For more information on this see the article on kønssygdommen Chlamydia .

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