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Definition and reason

Rabies disease caused by infection with rabies, and Monday by bites from infected animals. The disease infecting nerve and brain tissue, making the animal is "wrong". It will be aggressive, and there is a danger that it bites. Dogs, cats, rats, foxes and bats are often carriers, but in principle all varmblodige animals infected. Since 1982, in Denmark only found rabies in bats. Rabies has been eradicated in the rest of the Nordic region.

Virus gives brain and spreads to the skin, mucous membranes and salivary gland. It gives the characteristic froth on the mouth. The disease has an almost 100% mortality, once the facts show the symptoms.

Symptoms of rabies (hydrophobia)

The incubation period (time from Monday infected, for they become ill) is long, between 3 weeks and 3 months. In this, it is important to receive treatment (see Treatment of rabies) for the disease first erupted, there is almost no chance of cure. The first symptoms are:

  • Fever.

  • Utilpashed.

  • Itching, pain and tingling around bidstedet.

  • Vomiting.

  • Loss of appetite.

  • Tåre and spytproduktion.

Subsequent is:

Painful cramps and spasm. They are predominantly in svælgmuskulaturen, with great difficulty swallowing. Hjernebetændelse makes the sick edgy and confused, and the emergence of involuntary movements (the animal mad stage). Finally, death occurs.

Precautions and diagnosis

Avoid contact with animals that act sick, especially if there was froth on the mouth. This is in Denmark mainly on bats and foxes.
Will Monday bitten by a bat or other animal, we might suspect of being infected, it is important to consult a doctor. Consideration must be implemented before the virus when to breed and give signs of disease.

Bidsåret be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water. By bidsår must be pointed out on the same stivkrampevaccination is intact.

The doctor will begin treatment before seen signs of disease and only on sygehistorien with dyrebid. If the disease breaks out, it is easy to diagnose, but curative treatment is at this time is no longer possible. With the new antistofteknikker it is possible to detect the virus in particular hudbiopsier and saliva.

Should we stay longer in areas with rabies, it is advisable to be vaccinated.

Treatment of rabies (hydrophobia)

Immediately after that we have been subjected to a dyrebid, the doctor starts treatment. It is of great importance to the wound, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Provide human rabies immunoglobulin (substances that activate the immune system against the virus) and at the bidsåret and by an injection into a muscle. Then, boot vaccination. More than 30-90 days given vaccine 5-6 times.

Select and complications

Only about. 1 / 6 of those who are bitten by an animal with rabies, are themselves infected. At the prompt and correct treatment, the outlook good. Included are symptoms of disease, the mortality rate close to 100%.



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