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Definition and causes of varicose vein during pregnancy

Varicose vein occurs frequently in pregnant women. Varicose vein is udposninger on the superficial veins (veins), which leads the blood back to the heart from the body. They occur when venernes flaps, which act as ensretterventiler, so the blood can only run from the heart, can not close close due to wear or increased pressure against the blood flow direction. Frequently varicose vein is located to the doctor, and genes are mostly cosmetic.

Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable because the growing uterus increases the pressure on the large veins, which lies inside the abdominal cavity, which collects blood from the legs. This increases the pressure on the veins of the legs, and if a veneklap burst under pressure, the pressure in the segment below the fold increases, and there will be a risk for the formation of a udposning.

Treatment of varicose vein during pregnancy

You do not treat a varicose vein that has arisen during pregnancy, as long as the woman is pregnant. Usually they are treated not post, because the genes mentioned are primarily of cosmetic. Should it be removed due to complications, is going through a minor surgical procedure.

Select and complications of varicose vein during pregnancy

Varicose vein in itself makes no symptoms, but there is an increased risk of venebetændelse, which is usually treated with some ointment. A more serious complication is the development of a blood clot in the leg. The treatment is mainly blood.

Varicose vein usually improves significantly after pregnancy, and many disappear by themselves within the first 3 months after birth.

Prevention of varicose vein during pregnancy

The most important actions we can do to prevent varicose vein during pregnancy is to maintain a reasonable archetype and exercise every day (by example. Walks), as use of blood pressure lægmuskulaturen up-to-heart. It could benefit occasionally stand and tilted slightly up on your toes when you go home. Over there, it is particularly in late pregnancy help using support stockings, which reduces the risk of varicose vein, although they are not so comfortable to wear. They must use




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