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Definition and causes

The combination of that load on a woman's body increases with the increasing importance that her ligaments become softer and more elastic (due to hormonalEffects), and that she was due to its size might get into some bad positions, making her increased risk of developing back pain during pregnancy.

The large stomach, weighing on the front, a good piece from the woman's spine, increases the drive to rygmusklerne, to keep her upright.

Precautions and treatment of back problems during pregnancy

Always try to keep some ergonomic positions, and hold the power of rygmuskulaturen know. See also how to protect their backs. It is also important not to take too much on, and keep one diets, which, of course, the child's nutritional needs, but also not too bold, so the woman takes unnecessarily much.

Health has produced a booklet called "Child in wait", at the time of writing is the 5th edition Here are described some rygøvelser, one can make during pregnancy and a lot of other useful information. This leaflet is available on the Internet.

Most spine disappears after pregnancy.




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