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It is IMPORTANT that the woman maintain a certain physical archetype during pregnancy, since the last weeks of pregnancy and childbirth itself is a hard physical strain.


Health recommends 30 minutes of physical activity per day during pregnancy. This could include cycling, walking or swimming. Especially swimming means that all muscles are working without joints loaded too much. Joints are particularly vulnerable in late pregnancy when the weight is significantly increased, and ligaments are softer and more pardon as a result of hormonal influence.

If the woman in advance any sport, can she continue this, though eliteidræt and contact sports is not recommended. Especially contact sports and team sports, where there is a risk of shock from the woman's stomach, can damage petrify. Aerobics, strength training and other physically demanding forms of exercise can continue with the woman if she already cultivating the kind of exercise. She may not strain themselves, and should listen to his body signals.

For lack of exercise, there is an increased risk of pregnancy poisoning, high blood pressure, diabetes during pregnancy, a back pain and also complications at birth (including clips in between the meat - episiotomy).

Sexual activity

There is no harm in having intercourse during pregnancy. Many women experience, however, decreased appetite, partly due to lack of libido, but also because they are plagued by nausea or dryness of the vagina (this can be remedied with sliding Cream that can be bought at the pharmacy). Later in pregnancy, the large stomach make intercourse tricky, and back pain can be an obstacle. If there is any pain or bleeding after intercourse, the woman should contact a doctor, but stressed that the Health Authority's re


Often pregnant women quickly tired, and this must be taken into account when planning trips. In the case of longer journeys, where the woman sits quietly, it is important to have breaks when she can stretch their legs.

Air travel is usually no problem, although they should be avoided (and of some banned airlines) because of the risk of birth completely at the end of pregnancy.

Only if there are special circumstances of the pregnancy, which makes the woman is at greater risk for complications or premature birth, caution should be exercised when traveling. In such a case, konslutere her midwife or doctor.




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