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Definition and causes

Heartburn is a burning sensation, which sits behind the sternum and / or throat, and is usually linked to acid regurgitation, where you can taste the acidic stomach acid. See also heartburn and stomach acids immediately.

Heartburn due to acid coming up into your esophagus, which then become irritated. Specifically, for the pregnant is that her closing mechanism on the transition between the esophagus and stomach becomes weaker with other muscles. More significant is probably the increased pressure in the stomach, because the uterus pressing on the stomach, thereby pushing stomach acid into the esophagus.

Treatment of heartburn during pregnancy

Treatment can be just as the heartburn usually treated with antacids funds. Some acid-lowering agents can also be used during pregnancy. These must be printed on the prescription of the woman's own doctor.

Prevention of heartburn during pregnancy

You can prevent heartburn by using an extra pillow at night so that his head is slightly higher, and thus reduces back over from stomach to esophagus.

Women who are overweight, have already before pregnancy increased risk of heartburn, and can therefore reduce the risk to lose weight before pregnancy.

Coffee and tea are possibly an increased risk of heartburn, although there is no consensus on it. Do we have the experience with specific foods, which causes acid regurgitation, or heartburn, you should avoid them, like intake of food, just before going to bed, should be avoided.




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