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Since much of the food that the pregnant woman occupies, for the child's growth, it is important that she get the right diet. It is important to the growing fetus will have the minerals, protein and energy to ensure good growth conditions, and that female body injected similar energy and minerals, so she has the best conditions to deliver food to the child.


The main minerals are lime (calcium), iron and zinc


found particularly in dairy products and if you consume enough dairy products, subsidies are not necessary. We must not let its entire calcium intake based on fat dairy products (cream and cheese), as excessive intake of fat can lead to obesity. Alternatively, you can supplement with grants, including available as effervescent tablets.


helps to build the iltbærende molecules in red blood cells and prevent anemia during pregnancy. Iron can be found especially in meat products and especially the viscera (liver recommended however, due to its high content of vitamin A, which may harm the fetus, especially in the early stages). The use of iron contribution in the form of tablets in the last part of pregnancy. When you consume iron tablets, there is a risk

Whole grains, legumes, peas and nuts are good sources of




That there are also a lot of example. eggs.

Especially in the very early part of pregnancy are recommended a grant of

folic acid

, A B vitamin, which presumably reduces the risk of developing certain defects. Therefore, women wishing to become pregnant to take folic acid from 1 month before they intend to become pregnant for 2 months during pregnancy.

For the diet is generally the most important to eat a varied and avoid too much fat.

Alcohol Intake

not recommended because it can lead to premature birth, growth and malformations (children of women with high alcohol consumption is less than other children). In the most difficult cases can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, which involve growth, neurological and psychological damage, and facial changes.


is also harmful, especially those associated with simultaneous alcohol consumption. Tobacco provides an increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth and low birth weight. In addition to an increased risk to the mother in terms of increased risk for pregnancy poisoning.

Drug addiction

are obviously also harmful to the fetus, because it is physically harmful effects on the fetus, but also because children of parents with massive drug usually have a worse upbringing than children of non-drug abusers. Sometimes the woman is advised provoked abortion.

Especially during pregnancy, it is important that women consult their doctor if she uses drugs, and if she start something new. This also applies to medicines.

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