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Definition and causes

Diabetes (diabetes)increasing the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, it is important that the disease is diagnosed and velbehandlet of the pregnant woman.


A couple of thousand women already have diabetes when they become pregnant (prægestationel diabetes). The rule is thisType I diabetes (insulin dependent diabetes). See also underDiabetes (diabetes).


A couple of hundred women develop a temporary diabetes in early pregnancy, when the body becomes worse to regulate blood sugar (gestational diabetes). This usually fades after birth.


Symptoms of diabetes in pregnancy

Usually when a woman does not develop symptoms of diabetes in pregnancy, then be screened and sugar in the urine of a woman's own doctor. The symptoms are not different from those of diabetes in the not pregnant. Here are the most commonincreased thirstandurine outputandfatigue. The latter two is in itself something most women experience during normal pregnancy.


Precautions and diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy

Women who have diabetes already, is coming before they intend to become pregnant have contacted their own doctor. It is important to adopt a healthy diet during pregnancy and follow his blood sugar carefully and ensure that it is well regulated.


Often, insulin requirements fall in early pregnancy and increase significantly later, just after giving birth to decline drastically.


Women who have a history of diabetes, but who suddenly develop glucose intolerance during pregnancy (gestational diabetes), will usually detected when there is sugar in the routine urine tests, given during the consultations during pregnancy.

If there is suspicion of gestational diabetes, your doctor may have performed a so-called glucose load test, which is described belowdiabetes.


Treatment of diabetes in pregnancy

As mentioned, diet and careful control of blood sugar the main treatment and prevention of diabetes during pregnancy.

Approximately one fifth of the women who have found gestational diabetes must be treated with insulin. The remainder are performing solely on dietary regulation.


To reduce the risk of complications during birth, will sometimes put birth started a few weeks before the termination, either drug (which seems ve stimulants) and with skin blasting (which made hole in fosterhinderne), alternatively, by caesarean section.


Select and complications

The common complications of pregnancy ashigh blood pressure,premature birthandtoo much fostervand (polyhydramnios)is more common in women with diabetes.


In addition, there is an increased risk ofabortionand malformations. It is also often necessary to perform caesarean section in the mother with diabetes. New-born children of women with diabetes is usually something bigger, as a result of increased fat production.


Women who had gestational diabetes are at increased risk of developing diabetes later in life, and they should be more frequently seen in their own doctor view. development of diabetes.






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