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Definition and causes

A woman with heart disease do not necessarily need to have some genes during pregnancy. Has the woman never had the genes, or is she operated satisfactorily, it will rarely cause problems.

Some congenital heart disease requires that you are in life-long treatment with blood thinners, and this may increase the risk of complications at birth. The same may be true cardiac disease or rhythm disturbances. Severe congenital heart malformations can cause a heart as a reduced capacity, to the increased stress in pregnancy can lead to heart failure. The increased load on the heart, which leads to a pregnancy, can lead to a HJE

Precautions and diagnosis

A heart defect that was not previously recognized, can suddenly give symptoms. But more often discovered such a mode of routine medical examination by a doctor with stethoscope hears a murmur of the heart that have not been there before.

Heart murmur during pregnancy is not in itself particularly rare, and need not be a sign of disease. The increased work as the heart naturally have during pregnancy, can have the heart sounds to be tydligere, and the expulsion of blood that will happen with greater force and volume, will give a higher sound. This is called a physiological murmur, and is natural. Is the doctor in question, whether it is physiological and suspect that there is an underlying disease, he may trigger investigations by ECG

If the woman is known by heart failure, her own doctor and, possibly. heart doctor if she will be followed by one, decide whether to take special measures during pregnancy and childbirth.

Treatment of heart disease during pregnancy

It does not make operational adjustments of the heart, while the woman is pregnant. The main thing is that the woman does not overwork, and that birth is planned, so it is no more burdensome as possible. You can make helping measures as example to take the child with a sucker or maybe. let the woman birth by Caesarean Section.

It is also important to reduce other cardiovascular risk factors such as smoking, stressful and overweight before pregnancy.



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