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Definition and causes

Some of the hormones whose concentrations change during pregnancy, have a relaxing effect on the gut movements. This can lead to the stools are not moved so quickly through the gut which normally, and the woman may be constipation (obstiperet). In the later part of pregnancy, the growing uterus exert pressure on the intestine, also can reduce the passage, and contribute to constipation.

Treatment of constipation during pregnancy

The most important thing is diet control. The woman must remember to drink plenty of water, and take fiber diet, as rye bread and vegetables (root vegetables, onions, leeks and kålarter). In addition to apricots and prunes particular, there exist both as porridge and juice a means to make the stools a little more lime.

Stronger stools funds from the pharmacist is usually not necessary, and you should consult with their doctor before using them, because they could ultimately provide more constipation, as the intestine becomes acclimatised them. By contrast, the fiber products such as. hørfrøskaller, which also can be purchased at the pharmacy help. The effect is the same as fiber diet, while in the intestine draw water for themselves and give stool form without being too harsh.

Select and complications

The most common complication of constipation is hemorrhoids, since the increased pressure in the stomach, and often longer-lasting toilet visits contribute to the development of hemorrhoids.

Prevention of constipation during pregnancy

The most important prevention is to take a good fiber diet with plenty of liquid. Prevention of hemorrhoids is based primarily on the prevention of constipation, but it is also important not to suppress the urge stools, and go to the toilet when you feel the drive. Moreover, we must keep toilet visits short when pressed for a long time increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids.




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