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Definition and causes

Tredagesfeber is a frequent viral disease in childhood. It provides high fever, rash and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Typically, the duration is about. three days, their name tredagesfeber. The disease affects mostly young children aged 6-18 months. Tredagesfeber due to infection with herpes simplex virus type 6 or 7 (HHV6 and 7). In the three-year-old has almost all the children been exposed to the virus.

Symptoms of tredagesfeber

The first 3-5 days:

  • High fever, typically over 40C. Feberkramper seen in some. 15% of the children.

  • Education influences, where the child is irritabelt or sløvt.

  • Spændt fontanelle That may. dents.

After the fever has fallen:

  • Raised lymph nodes in the neck.

  • Spotted rash all over the body.

Precautions and diagnosis

When young children have high fever, it is important that they get plenty of fluids, so they do not become dehydrated (sheep væskemangel). Similarly, they do not have the warm clothes, so they can not dispose of the heat. If the child becomes sløvt and is not interested in the environment, one should consult a doctor. The doctor will examine the child and possible. take blood samples or do a lumbar puncture to exclude the possibility that there may be a meningitis .

Consideration of tredagesfeber

There is no specific treatment for tredagesfeber.

Select and complications

Tredagesfeber move by themselves during the 3-5 days. 15% of all children receive feberkramper in connection with tredagesfeber. They look very dramatic, but is nearly always completely harmless.



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