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Definition and causes

Measles is a highly contagious illness caused by infection with a virus, which manifests itself with forkølelseslignende symptoms and a characteristic hudeksem. The disease belongs traditionally the four classic childhood diseases. It is not uncommon for mæslingesygdom leads to other diseases such as middle and pneumonia. In rare cases the disease can lead to encephalitis.

Earlier Monday in Denmark so many cases of measles, often in epidemics, but now the number is greatly reduced since Monday vaccinating for the disease with MFR-vaccine . In countries where the vaccine is not widespread, there are still many cases of the disease, which can have a serious process.

The disease is transmitted by droplets (small droplets from the respiratory tract containing the virus) from other infected people.

Symptoms of measles

After infection with the virus that causes measles, is most often between 10-12 days, before the disease appears. The symptoms of measles is divided into 2 phases:

The first phasefaced with forkølelsessymptomer. The other most common symptoms are

  • General malaise.

  • Gradually rising fever.

  • Cough.

  • Red Eye may. because øjenhindebetændelse.

After about. 3 day fall fever, and the disease is in favour of thethe second phase. Here are the most common symptoms

  • Rash (which only start in mucous membranes in the mouth and face, consisting of so-called kopliske spots, which are red spots with a white or blåligt centre). Then start a major rash, only behind the ears, and then spreading it to the body, and arms and legs.

  • Continuing symptoms of the mucous membranes.

  • Recent cases of fever, which is typically 39-40 ° C and general high sygdomspåvirkning. Udslættet goods usually around. 5 days, and the whole of the disease goods 7-10 days, if not for the complications.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you become ill with the above symptoms, and are in doubt about what you fail, you must go to the doctor. Where we should be unfortunate to be hit by one of the more serious complications (see below), it is important to go to the doctor, so the treatment can boot.

The doctor can make the diagnosis from a blood sample, and by sending a sample to secrete from the throat to the investigation, which could indicate whether there are mæslingevirus therein.

If you get measles, one can infect other until around. 6 days after udslættets start.

Consideration of measles

There is no direct treatment, but the doctor can give a specific substance (immunoglobulin), which can alleviate the disease.

Select and complications

In some cases, in the case of measles occur following diseases.

  • Mellemørebetændelse.

  • Pneumonia .

  • Diarrhoea .

  • Hjernebetændelse .

  • Hjernehindebetændelse.

For more information on the above diseases see them.

Prevention of measles

Measles prevented through børnevaccinationsprogrammet with a MFR vaccine.

If you have not followed børnevaccinationsprogrammet, and will travel to developing countries where measles is more widespread, it is a good idea to consider vaccination again.



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