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Definition and causes

Chickenpox (varicella) is a highly contagious, but mild process of viral disease, caused by infection with the virusvaricella-zoster. The disease causes fever and a rash characteristic in the central area of the body. In rare cases, it may impede the airways.

Varicella-zoster virus spreads by inhaling virus particles from infected persons or by close contact with a person with a damaged skin, where there is this virus.

After infection with the chickenpox virus will run along the følenerverne for their grains (ganglier) and go at rest. Later in life may virus break out again as the disease shingles (herpes zoster). This occurs most often caused by other illness, stress or of old age.

Chickenpox is in Denmark mainly a childhood (traditionally belonging to the four classic childhood diseases), and 90 percent are believed to have been in the teens. In tropical countries is also seen cases of chickenpox in adults.

Symptoms of chickenpox

After infection with herpes-zoster virus will go around. 10-12 days, before the disease appears. Many children will have very few symptoms absence of a rash. Overall, the most common symptoms:

  • Forkølelsessymptomer.

  • Let fever.

  • Rash (udslættet start primarily on the body and of the scalp and the existence of væskefyldte bladders, which dry in and form scabs during 4-7 days).

  • Strong itching from udslættet.

In some cases, may udslættet sit around the eyes, mouth or in the airways, which can be very unpleasant.

Precautions and diagnosis

Chickenpox is usually a mild progress and moving by itself. One should go to the doctor if you feel very ill and are unsure of what one fails.

Pregnant women who have not had chickenpox and develop the disease (in the first part of pregnancy) should immediately go to the doctor, as the disease can damage the unborn child. Pregnant women with the disease may have a specific medical instrument (immunoglobulin).

Doctors can usually make the diagnosis, according to the characteristic skin rash.

Consideration of chickenpox

Consideration of chickenpox is usually not necessary, and there is no medicine that can cure or alleviate the process.

However, we can talk to the doctor on a way as to minimize the itching from udslættet.

Persons who fail serious diseases, and have a weakened immune system, can in some cases benefit by treatment with so-called antivirals.

It should not provide children with chickenpox pain pills that contain aspirin (aspirin, magnyl, kodimagnyl, treo, etc..) As these are believed to increase the presence of Reyes Syndrome , Which can be very serious.

Select and complications

The disease is normally 1-2 weeks and moves by itself. Blærer and scabs on the skin, very rarely leaves scars.

In some cases, primarily in infants, adults and people with immune systems awakened, the disease can cause serious complications, pneumonia or infection of the skin with bacteria.

In very rare cases, may be in weakened people seen hjernehindebetændelse or encephalitis.

Prevention of chickenpox

We can vaccinate against chickenpox, but as the disease usually have a mild course, the vaccine is not a part of the Danish børnevaccinations program .

Adults who have not had the disease should be vaccinated, to avoid a complicated process with chickenpox.




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