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Definition and causes

Mumps is an acute viral disease, primarily over ørespytkirtlerne. In some cases, the disease can also affect other organs of the body, testes, bugspytskirtel and hjernehinder.

The disease is transmitted by droplets (small droplets from the respiratory tract containing the virus) from other infected people, but is not particularly contagious.

In Denmark we are now vaccinating against mumps with MFR vaccine , Which is part of børnevaccinations programme. Therefore, the disease is now rare here at home.

The infection is most often in children 5-10 years of age, but also young people in teenage or older may be affected by mumps. The risk of the disease affecting other organs than ørespytkirtlen, increases with age.

Symptoms of mumps

After infection with the virus that causes mumps, which goes around. 18 days before you get symptoms. These are usually:

  • Education sygdomsfornemmelse.

  • Ømhed by ørespytkirtlen (typically first unilaterally and then in both sides).

  • Magnification of ørespytkirtlen.

  • Fever.

  • Problems with eating, swallowing and talking.

In cases where the other bodies affected by the disease, symptoms may occur as testikelsmerter, abdominal pain and headache.

Select and complications

Smittes Monday before puberty, there is rarely complications of mumps, and the disease will disappear by itself.

Smittes Monday after puberty, on the other hand, increases the risk of the disease affects other organs. The most common is the testicle in men, which in some cases can lead to sterility. Inflammation of ovarian cancer in women can occur but are rare.

Other rare (but serious) consequences that can occur is the key acute bugspytkirtelbetændelse , hjernehindebetændelse and hepatitis .

Consideration of mumps

Ukompliceret mumps moving by itself, and does not require treatment.

The complications are treated with pain medication, and treatment is also in relation to each disease.

The therapy can relieve testicles with a special supports, and possibly an inflammatory way (binyrebarkhormon).

Precautions and diagnosis

Smittes Monday with mumps, we should proceed quietly. In most cases the disease will go down by itself after 1-2 weeks.
Coming the other hand, major problems in the form of strong abdominal pain, testikelsmerter or strong headache, one should go to the doctor to get excluded, if you fail one of the rare but serious complications.
In cases of suspected hjernehindebetændelse, it may be necessary for the doctor to examine rygmarvsvæsken of cells. This is done with a lumbar puncture .

Prevention of mumps

The disease is preventable MFR vaccine , Which is part of børnevaccinationsprogrammet .



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