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Definition and causes

Børneorm is a common disease caused by the little nematodeEnterobius vermicularis. Børneormen is a small white worms, which infect both children and adults. The most infected children in kindergartens, schools and so on, hence the name.

Infections with the worm is done either through direct contact with the faeces or indirectly by contact with clothing, bedding or other unclean things that are contaminated with afføringsrester. In afføringsresterne there are eggs that hatched, when they reach down into the gut and become the real worm.
It is important to be treated for pinworm, as this can go on to infect themselves and others with the worm.

Symptoms of pinworm

Often, there are almost no symptoms of pinworm. If one is infected with pinworm, will hunormen However, at night often climb down passage and put a lot of eggs. This causes the most common symptom, which isanalkløe. Because of the very annoying itching can create airritationstilstand passage.
In some cases it is possible to see the worm in the stools or passage.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you suspect pinworm, you must go to the doctor for treatment. Before the visit to the doctor can you create a so-called analaftryk, where a small piece of tape placed over passage in the person sleep. By bring this piece of tape from the doctor can easily made the diagnosis.

Select and complications

Børneorm is common, and the prognosis is usually good.
In rare cases, the worm can be found outside the intestine and affect other bodies, such as. ovaries and liver.

Consideration of pinworm

Børneorm dealt with a specific slow urine in prill or liquid medicine. Since there may often be the eggs of several family members, and in the home, all at home receive the medicine. This applies even if there is no immediate signs of infection at all. Usually you will get medicine to repeat the treatment several times with 14. day intervals.

Prevention of pinworm

In order to avoid pinworm, it is important to keep the good general hygiene.
If people in the family is infected, it is a good idea to cut the nails short and thereby reduce the risk of eggs put under them.
Regular cleaning and frequent washing of bedding prevents also pinworm.



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