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Definition and causes

Rubella (rubella) is a viral disease, which leads to rash on the body, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and in the neck and forkølelsessymptomer. The disease usually has a mild course. Rubella belongs traditionally to the four classic childhood diseases.

In adults, the disease, however, offer joint pain and arthritis. Get the disease, while you are pregnant, it may have important consequences for the child. See rubella during pregnancy .

The disease is transmitted by droplets (small droplets from the respiratory tract containing the virus) from other infected people.

In Denmark vaccinating Monday against rubella with MFR vaccine , Which is part of børnevaccinations programme. This has reduced the number of infected children, and the disease now seen most among teenagers and young adults.

Symptoms of rubella

The symptoms of rubella can be very mild, and in children, the disease can easily be overlooked. If not, is the most common symptoms:

  • General malaise.

  • 2-3 mm small pink dots on the skin (first in the face, then on the body and finally to the arms and legs).

  • Fever.

  • Ømme lymph nodes in the neck and neck.

Select and complications

Rubella is usually a mild course. Udslættet usually disappear after about. 3 days, and the disease moves by itself. If adults are infected with rubella, can cause pain and arthritis (reactive arthritis), which often lasts about. 2 weeks.

Pregnant. who have rubella during pregnancy (especially the first part), could infect the child through the placenta. This can have serious consequences for the child, and advocating abortion. See rubella during pregnancy .

Precautions and diagnosis

The diagnosis made by the clinical picture or a blood test that can show the antibodies. Women who have rubella, and are uncertain of whether they are pregnant, should go to the doctor.

Consideration of rubella

By uncomplicated rubella treated there, and the disease will disappear by itself. Children who are infected, can be cared for by other illness with fever. See the article " The feverish child ".

Prevention of rubella

The disease is preventable through børnevaccinationsprogrammet And it has reduced the number of infected much.

Generally, women of fertile age be vaccinated against rubella. We do not vaccinate women who are already pregnant, as this can damage the unborn child.

After rubella has immunity rest of their lives.



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