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Definition and reason

Scarlet fever is an infectious disease with a skin rash and fever. The cause is infection with bacteria of the type streptococci . The disease is most often in children and adolescents.

Bakterien spread by direct contact or by inhalation of airborne droplets from infected. Often included in the bacterium svælgslimhinden, where it provides sore throat . Streptokokken produce here some poisons (toxins), and they are the ones that give rise to scarlet fever.
The disease is frequently a følgesygdom to streptokokinfektion in the neck, but can also result from infection elsewhere in the body, for example. in the skin.

While there are many different types of streptococci, produce all the same toxin, and has once had scarlet fever, you get it again, because the body has formed antibodies to the toxin.

Symptoms of scarlet fever

There appears ahøjrødt rashin the face, often in connection with a sore throat. Some hours later spread wiped the neck, overkrop, arms and legs. The only area that is free is the skin around the mouth which looks striking pale in comparison to the red udslet around.

It has been very badly, with highfever,headache,and in children is oftenvomiting. During the few days when udslættet its peak, and around the fourth will betongueclosedand strong red. The phenomenon is called hindbærtunge.

When the fever down, after a small weeks, the skin begins to roach of the first on the neck and chest and in the following week at the hands and feet also. Skældannelsen can last 2 weeks.

Precautions and diagnosis

Children should avoid contact with infected, and by signs of skin rash associated with sore throat to be a doctor.

The diagnosis made on the characteristic sygdomsbillede and a graft from the tonsils and pharynx, which can rapidly detect the streptococci in the throat. A blood test can show whether there is bacteria in the blood.

Consideration of scarlet fever

Streptokokker is sensitive to penicillin. If you are allergic to penicillin, the disease treated with another antibiotic called erytromycin.

It is important to remember to drink plenty of fluids (water, juice, juice), while the fever is on.

Hot drinks can relieve halsbetændelsen, and hovedpinepiller with, for example. paracetamol (Panodil, Pinex and others) can help a little in pain and fever. (See Caring for a child febersygt and Scarlet fever )

Select and complications

In most cases you are completely cured after a case of scarlet fever, and it will never again.

Following the introduction of penicillin to treat, there are only very rarely serious complications associated with scarlet fever.
The complexity seen 1-3 weeks after infection, and the case of rheumatic fever and acute glomerulonefritis .











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