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Definition and causes

Priaprisme is prolonged and painful erections. Mode is divided intohigh-flow priaprismeandlow-flow priaprisme.The former are seen after trauma to the penis, and caused a leak of the bulge position, the penis. Low-flow due to impaired emptying swell alloy members. This leads to sustained erection and pain resulting from lack of oxygen and accumulation of waste in the penis.

Following the introduction of pharmacological Potency, has brought an increase in the number of priaprismetilfælde.

Symptoms of priaprisme

For low-flow priaprisme patients often experience a sustained erection after ejaculation, or he wakes up with erections. This is after hours painful. In high-flow priaprisme penis is semi-rigid and less sore.

Precautions and diagnosis of priaprisme

The diagnosis made by the above findings. High-flow priaprisme diagnosis is complemented by an ultrasound scan.

Treatment of priaprisme

Treatment of low-flow priaprisme is emptying the bulge position, the penis. This is done by inserting a needle through the penis head, possibly. preceded by a local anesthetic. Then observed on erections restored, and emptied again and injected medicines into the penis.

The treatment of high-flow priaprisme is not acute, but there may be an operation to find the defect, which then handled. However, it may be necessary to empty the penis yet of diagnostic reasons, because it can be difficult to distinguish the two modes.

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