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Definition and causes

Balanitis is an inflammation of the luster (penis head). If the state also include the foreskin, called thebalanoposthitisAlthough this definition, classification sjældendt respected, and an inflammation around the luster is often referred to as balanitis regardless spread.

Balanitis can be caused by irritation of the tissue, for example. contact with latex or spermicides cream of condoms, detergent, poor hygiene and more. Another reason may be infected with viruses, bacteria or fungus. It will often be the herpes virus, bacteria or fungus as chlamydia as candida.

Symptoms of balanitis

The symptoms are redness, often itchy or painful, especially by mechanical stress, as when the foreskin is withdrawn or during intercourse. Is the state a bacterial infection may be entitled pusflåd from the urethra.

Precautions and diagnosis of balanitis

The diagnosis made in the light of the above symptoms. These can possibly. a grafting view. possible infectious cause.

Treatment of balanitis

Primary attempt mode treated with proper hygiene. These can be protective creams. Obtained by the state, there can be no fungus or bacterial triggered balanitis, and we should therefore treat with antibiotics. It has almost always good effect. Rarely is it not possible to get beaten down mode with medications, why they can be circumcised (get rid of the foreskin). It seems that circumcision also protects against balanitis when omskårede rarely have the condition.

Prevention of balanitis

Good hygiene and use of washing and rinsing funds without perfume is important if you know you are predisposed to Irritatív conditions to which this instance, contact dermatitis, or if you have experienced it before.



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