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With impotence believed that you can not sustain an erection. The cause of the condition may be psychological, physical or a combination of both reasons. It may be difficult for a man to admit that he suffers from a psychological problem. Even if you can not have erections, you can have a strong sex operation, which can lead to the husband feel even more vulnerable and frustrated.

Often transient loads such as marital problems, loss of money or work, stress, fatigue or anxiety lead to diminished sexual interest and impotence. Impotence can also be a symptom of severe depression.

Although the man can not get voluntary erection, he may often have nocturnal erections while asleep. One can for example be impotent with enpartner, but not with another (see also Reduced sexual interest in men). In such cases, the man also get erections by masturbation.

By penile erection is filled with blood. The blood is temporarily prevented from running back pga.sammentrækninger in blood vessels' Supporting muscles. Karrenes muscles are controlled by nerve impulses, which comes from the brain. Certain types of drugs against other diseases can also affect the ability to have erections. Some medicines for high blood pressure, including diuretic agents may have this effect. Also, certain sedatives or antidepressants can reduce sexual function.

Alcohol often affects his ability to erections, even if you do not drink large quantities. Chronic alcoholism and cirrhosis are often a result of the abuse, reduces testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and it is produced in the testis. It manages the male kropsbehåring and stimulates the desire for sex and the production of sperm. A lowered testosterone content can affect the sexual abilities.

Damaged blood vessel can prevent blood running into the penis. It may be impotent as a result of stiff arteries, if they are sitting in the lower part of your body and you are hit by such severe arteriosclerosis, the blood flow is blocked. In severe diabetes, there is a risk of impotence, as nerves and blood vessels may be damaged. High blood pressure and kidney failure may also cause impotence.

Diseases which inhibits testosterone production can reduce both the interest in sex as the actual capacity. Sometimes may be rare situations which hypofysetumorer affect hormone production, which can lead to changes in sexual functioning.


If you constantly lack the ability to get erections, you should contact a doctor, who can identify the underlying causes of the problem. If you wake up with erection or can jerking off, it is likely that the state is due to psychological factors. It is important to tell your doctor if you have any alcohol or drug abuse, or taking medication which may affect the ability of erection.

Using a special instrument which is set firmly on the penis to measure the size change and stiffness while asleep. You can also make a shock swell position, to see whether the blood too quickly emptied out. In a very small number of cases to measure blood pressure in penile tissue.


If impotence problems appear to be caused by psychological problems can be referred to a sexologisk department. Psychological treatment is generally granted to couples and not to individuals.

If there is a physical reason for impotensen mode is usually easy to treat. If the cause is a disease affecting the arteries and nerves, can cause an erection with medicine which is injected directly into the penis. Many men have learned to do this. By provoking a few erections in this way, you can often break the psychological barrier which gives sexual failure. It can also cause erections with a pump that draws blood into the penis. A rubber band can keep erections in most

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