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Definition and causes

Urinrørsforsnævring are relatively frequent. One can divide the causes ofcongenitalandAcquired. The vast majority of cases are acquired.

Of the acquired causes are the most common knowniatrogenic causes. It means "as a result of treatment" and can be complications for example, operations being carried out through urethra or because of the catheter site conditions. In addition, constrictions occur as a result of mechanical damage (trauma) against the urethra, and finally as a complication of inflammation of the urethra. A few cases caused cancer in the urethra, which is a very rare cancer.

Common to the acquired urinrørsforsnævringer is the mechanism that leads to narrowing: A break in the mucous membranes in urimrøret leads to irritation and inflammation around the urethra, which healed leads to a narrowing due arvæv.

Symptoms of urinrørsforsnævring

The symptoms are usually left off beam when passing urine, sometimes a split beam, and patients often turn because urination is long with lax radiation. Total closing is a rare symptom.

Precautions and diagnosis

The diagnosis made on the patient's narrative and supplemented with a urine flow measurement, which will show a low flow (ie to get wet military liters per minute). The diagnosis established with a kikkertundersøgelse of the urethra, alternatively, an X-ray or ultrasound.

Treatment of urinrørsforsnævring

Treatment depends on the triggering cause, and what type of action the patient can tolerate.

The least invasive method is mechanical expansion of the urethra. Here sprayed only local anesthetic gel into the urethra, which introduced catheters of increasing diameter, which extended throat. The results are not as good as at below-mentioned methods, since throat often come back.

There may be through a catheter introduced a small knife, after which the urethra into the narrowed area cut lengthwise. This takes place in a local anesthetic. Subsequently can insert a catheter or a small tent (a small tube that holds the urethra), to reduce the chance of recovery throat.

Open surgery in full anesthetic may be offered if the above does not give satisfactory results. There are different ways urethra can be cut up and sewn back together, after the penis is opened.

Select and complications

Complications related to surgery, and includes Restore throat.

Preventing urinrørsforsnævring

Prevention is primarily in the treatment of the diseases that can lead to urinrørsforsnævring. The doctor may take special precautions for surgery in the urethra and possibly. Construction of catheters through the skin in the abdomen, directly into the bladder after surgery rather ordinary catheters to prevent irritation and infection. The latter is however not as often.

Complications of infections can be prevented by avoiding infections, sexually transmitted primarily by have sex with a condom, and to be treated quickly if you are suspected to be infected.



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