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Definition and causes

The cause of cancer of the penis is unknown, but there are some factors that you think predisposing to the disease: Forhudsforsnævring, poor hygiene, infection with HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), and a few other less common situations. For unknown reasons, it appears that circumcision at birth seems protective, while later circumcision has no influence.

Cancer of the penis is rare. It was discovered 30-40 new cases each year in Denmark, representing 1/100.000 men.

Symptoms of cancer of the penis

The symptoms can be considerable irritation or a tumor of the penis head. There may be entitled pusflåd or other discharge from the urethra.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you feel or see anything on the penis, which has not been there before or has grown, you should have it examined by your doctor. The diagnosis made by biopsy of the tumor and the groin by ultrasound, which can detect any. spread to the lymph nodes.

Treatment of cancer of the penis

Smaller tumors at an early stage can be treated with laser surgery, while more advanced cancer treated with amputation of the penis, either partially or completely rarer.

Select and complications

Patients with cancer in an early stage has a good prognosis, while the later stages and spread means poorer prognosis.

Prevention of cancer of the penis

There is no proper preventive measures that can be taken to prevent penile cancer, but it might make the risk less by addressing the above disponerende factors.



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