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Definition and causes

A analabsces is an abscess in the tissue around the intestine end. This may arise due to bacteria from a furunkel in the skin spreads deeper into the tissue, or by passing an inflammation of the glands around Rectum-opening. Finally, it can also be seen by people who have Crohn's disease, which boil so often lies deep in the tissues around the end of the intestine. The contents of a analabsces is pus, which consists of dead bacteria and white blood cells.

A analfistel is a false connection from the skin around the anus and into the interior of the intestine end. There is therefore developed a channel where stools from the end of the intestine can be squeezed out. Most analfistler formed from a analabsces.

Symptoms of analabsces and analfistel


  • Pain in the gut end.

  • Soreness, redness and swelling around the anus.

  • General illness with fever and feeling unwell. This is seen by the deep-seated analabscesser and is a danger sign, since it may be a sign of development of blood poisoning (sepsis).

  • Hosp. can spontaneously go hole to boil, so that flowing pus out. The pains will disappear.


  • Feces or mucus, which constantly leaking from somewhere near the anus.

  • Irritation and itching of the skin around the anus.

  • Difficulty in getting rid of the stools.

  • Symptoms of analabsces.

Precautions and diagnosis

When symptoms of analabsces or analfistel should go to his own doctor, who can refer for further examination and treatment. The area around the anus examined, and end the intestine examined with a finger and possibly. with a transparent plastic tube (anoskop), held a small piece into the end intestine. In deep analabscesser or analfistler it may be necessary to create an ultrasound or MRI end of the intestine. Analfistler can be explored with thin metal wires

Treatment of analabsces and analfistel

The treatment of a analabsces is to ensure that the pus, which is within the abscess, can escape. This is done by a small operation where you cut hole in the abscess. Small analabscesser can be sewn with the same, while large, the entire open. It is very important that after the operation keeps the area around the anus clean. This is done by rinsing with a hand shower a few times a day. There will also be treated with antibiotics to kill the bacteria, which have formed analabscessen. A pair

A analfistel removed by surgery, which removes the tissue in the false channel. The wound caused thereby, allowed to remain open while it heal. It is very important that the wound is kept clean by Monday washed Rectum opening with a hand shower after toilet visits. In some cases, removed only the outer tissue of analfistlen, after which a special wire pass through the false channel and left there until analfistlen is healed. This may take several months. In complex cases, it may be n


After surgery for analabsces or analfistel symptoms disappear. However, there may later be new analabscesser or analfistler, which then must be treated again. Particularly people with Crohn's disease can experience several cases, there may be very complicated.



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