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Definition and causes

Forhudsforsnævring is a condition in which the foreskin opening is too small to permit the withdrawal of the penis head.

By birth, this is normal, and the condition may consist of a few years. As long as there are no symptoms, should forhudsforsnævringen not treated. Later in life they can occur for example due to an infection or balanitis.

Symptoms of forhudsforsnævring

There are often no symptoms until adolescence. One of the symptoms may be that the foreskin is blown up like a balloon during urination, because the opening is narrow. When sexual activity can cause pain during intercourse, and there might be. visible lesions of the foreskin.

If the foreskin is withdrawn and can not be preferred in place, possibly. during or after erection, called the state paraphimosis.

Treatment of forhudsforsnævring

Symptomløs phimosis in young children should not be treated. In older children sometimes attempt to expand the opening.
In adolescents and adults may attempt treatment with steroidcreme. Comprised mode, circumcision may be necessary, either total or retention of the foreskin, where the opening is extended.

Complications of forhudsforsnævring

Besides the genes of the symptoms can be reduced Hygiene, as the condition can lead to cause infection in the penis head (balanoposthitis). This is because that can be difficult to wash under the foreskin when this is too narrow.


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