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Definition and cause

A tumor's growth in skeletal muscle is a rare condition, and it will in most cases involve a benign lump. There is only a few of the malignant tumors (muscle cancer) annually.
Gordian knot created by increased and / or altered growth of muscle cells. The benign is not the ability to grow into surrounding tissues or the spread of blood. They have a rather benign.
Because the muscles have a large blood supply, they have malignant tumors tend to spread rapidly, and it is therefore a very serious disease with high mortality.


Symptoms of muscle tumors

The benign tumor:
There can feel a knot in the muscle. It will often be uøm, and grow relatively slowly. It could be pushed freely (is shifted) under the skin and connective tissue.


The malignant tumor:
There may also be labeled a tumor under the skin of a muscle. It can be bothsore or uøm. It may have come rather suddenly due to rapid growth. It can be grown fast to the skin or muscle mirror, it is impossible to slip freely under the skin (not displaced).



It is very important to seek medical attention if you discover a lump, anywhere on the body. The doctor will mark the Gordian knot, and if there is suspicion of a tumor, will be able to choose different types of imaging study to get an overview of the size and might. proliferation. It will also take abiopsy(a tissue) of the tumor to investigate the malignant cells.


Treatment of muscle tumors

The benign tumor:
This will often grow to a certain size, after which growth stops. You will often do no more than to see such a tumor an. However, if it continues its growth, or developed genes or pain, it is removed by surgery.


The malignant tumor:
It must be removed by a surgery, which takes more of the surrounding tissues than in the benign. Is there spread to the lymph nodes, except those operated to the extent possible. They will sometimes try to reduce the tumor with chemotherapy (cell poison) and / or radiation therapy before surgery. As is often the tumor has spread at diagnosis, it may be impossible to remove all tumor tissue, and we must try to stop the development, and relieve the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation


Select and complications

For the benign tumor seen very few complications. In rare cases the tumor to convert to a malignant tumor, but since the current controlled, the prognosis is much better than an emerging malignant tumor.


Forecasts for the malignant tumor depends on the size and dispersion of diagnosis time. Is it possible to remove all tumor tissue during surgery, is basically cured. As previously mentioned, however, this is often not possible because the tumor has a tendency to quickly spread to other parts of the body, making curative surgery impossible.









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