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Definition and cause

All people are from time to time suffered cramp in the muscles. The spasm of muscle fibers that causes the muscle to pull together and become hard and sore. A spasm products often only a few minutes, after which the buyer.
Staples, largely due to the muscles do not get enough oxygen, and thus accumulate toxic waste, causing severe muscle contractions.
Therefore seen most seizures related to sports or other physical exercise. Dehydration and skewed salt balance can also provide cramps. Have we sat or lain in a long time with the muscles in an unbalanced position, they tend to cramp when they put back into service. Often, there is no underlying cause of cramps.
Seizures can occur in all muscles but seen most frequently in the legs muscles.
The vast majority of seizures are no signs of illness, but if you are very prone to cramps in the rest, for example. at night, it may be early signs of disease.
Anticonvulsant ultimate pain in medicine at the time, for example. be symptom of kartilstoppende arteriosclerosis.

Symptoms of anthrax

The immediate symptom of spasm is a sudden pain in the affected muscle. The muscle will be readily visible under the skin where it is strongly pulled together. When marks on it, it feels hard, tense and sore. It is not possible, as it usually is, with the will power to affect the muscle to relax.



Prevention and treatment of anthrax

Often, a spasm not last more than a few minutes and leaves no subsequent problems. Before sports development, it is important to warm up muscles thoroughly. It can be done with a combination of active heating and extent of exercises. To prevent anthrax, it is also important to have taken plenty of fluids before sports.
Get a spasm, it can be treated with the extent and massage, which often overcome cramps. Fluid and salt intake may discourage further development in sport seizure.
If you are subject to frequent nocturnal cramps or "unrest" in the leg, which is not due to other illness, can one's doctor prescribe a preparation called quinine. The substance is an anti-malaria agent, but in small doses, it works against cramps.






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