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Definition and causes

Dupuytrens contracture is a progressive forkortning of hand late great film with impaired function of the fingers to follow. Mode is not uncommon and frames usually men.
Hand tendon membrane, which lies in a layer between the skin and bending of the fingers, thicken and slowly eroding. The result will be that passive fingers bent against the palm of the hand, and now no longer can be stretched out again. Finally, my fingers almost useless.
Dupuytrens contracture frames usually ring and little finger, and can affect both hands or just one side. The first sign is usually the formation of small nodules palm of the hand, and gradually build up bindevævsstrenge out on the underside of the fingers.
The reason for dupuytrens contracture is unknown, but hereditary conditions are thought to play a role.


Precautions and diagnosis

Think that one's fingers (especially ring-finger and) gradually bends towards the palm of the hand, and you get problems with that stretch them out, you go to the doctor.
The doctor can assess the condition or refer to the hospital where you can get detailed diagnosis.


Treatment of dupuytrens contracture

The only real treatment for the condition is surgery, which removes bindevævsstrøgene, which means that you can not stretch out your fingers. This is done usually by making small z-shaped cut, both suffered at the front of the fingers and the palm of the hand - this is obviously stunned.
The operation is relatively frequent, and often you get a good result. Experience has shown that it is preferable that the operation only done when it no longer can stretch your fingers. After the operation should be resumed practice fingers.


Select and complications

As with all operations there is a small risk of getting inflammation after surgery. This risk is very small in this case. After the operation, the doctor will tell what to be aware of.
After the operation, it is important to make good rehabilitation of the fingers. It will therefore be referred to a therapist, who instructs in various exercises. Ergo therapeutic also produces a shine to be worn at night at the beginning of the process. Boom means that you can not bend my fingers and thereby reducing the likelihood that senerne eroding again.


The mode is usually a good scenario, but some people will contracture (shrinkage not) come again. It is also very individually when we can start working again.





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