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A ganglion is a small benign lump, often no larger than a pea, which sits in relation to an ledkapsel or a late bored. From this arises gangliet by a bag shaped udvækst who - through a stalk - often have communications with late ledhulen or vagina. Inside gangliet is a tykflydende fluid, which is produced by indersidemembranen in udposningen. Pressing between a ganglion, it feels soft, possibly. a little hard and springy. The Danish word late knot is somewhat misleading, since


A ganglion seen often on the front or back of your wrist, the palm of the hand by the fingers start, or at fodryggen.


Symptoms of late knots

Besides the cosmetic aspect of a tendon knot, there will often be no symptoms from here. A ganglion in some cases can be associated with pain, and sit it inappropriate to fodryggen, there can be a nuisance through the use of footwear.
Even if a ganglion is a benign condition, always consult a doctor if you discover a lump anywhere on the body. It is important to determine whether it is a harmless benign lump, or something potentially malignant.


Treatment of late knots

If the Gordian knot would not result in a generation, will not choose any treatment. Often you will see the state go in themselves. However, there is increased risk that it will come back later.
Is the Gordian knot associated with pain, or other genes can with a needle suction fluid out, while injecting an adrenal cortical hormones in the void. It will be much in most cases have the Gordian knot to go away, but at the risk of it coming back. Another possibility is a small operation, which surgically removes the small knot.







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