Definition and cause

Senerne connecting muscles to bone. Senerne is strong and quite rigid. On the arms and legs can senerne be long, and the use of muscles as a rope-games to move limbs. There may be an irritation condition in a tendon, and this is called tendonitis or tendon inflammation without bacteria.
Mode seen by some form of congestion of a tendon. It may be many repetitive movements, for example in connection with work. It can also occur by sport, where the heavy use of overload the muscles and sinews. By misuse of equipment (shoes, racket, golf clubs) can also occur senebetændelser.
Irritation mode can occur in any tendon, but most often seen in the shoulder, elbow, awarded, knee and fodledssener. Inflammation of the tendon stitched to the outside of the elbow called a "tennis elbow", as these tendons are often overwhelmed by tennis player. On the inside of the elbow tendons booklets, which can be overloaded by golfers and provide a so-called golf elbow. However, we can easily incur these ailments without cultivating the two sports.
Irritation can also sit in the surrounding late bored and membranes. (See late bored inflammation).
With age is the same tendons stiffer, and this is probably explains why the incidence of tendon inflammation increases with age.
Some diseases can increase the risk of senebetændelser. It is as if ledegigt and Bechterews disease. Some people may be predisposed to hereditary disorders in senerne.


Symptoms of tendon inflammation

There will be pain when using. The area around the tendon will raise up, and movement can be reduced. There will be redness over the area. In severe cases there may be pain at rest. Continued use of the tendon will keep irritation know, and can be developed arvæv, calcification in the tendon and cartilage, which reduces its function.



Prevention and diagnosis

It is important to pay attention to warning signals from the body. Seeing Monday, starting from a tendon pain, you need to provide the necessary calm tendon to heal before you may continue. load. Has there been a job that requires many repetitive movements, for example. certain types of office work and computer work or painting, needs special attention not to continue working after symptoms appear.

By Sports boot to start quietly and slowly increasing its load. This also prevents the development of other injuries as fibersprængning and sprain (see sports injuries). Inflammation caused by error or faulty equipment training, this course must be corrected.
Diagnosis made by the physician on medical history and on the typical symptoms. It will often not be necessary imaging examination, but ultrasound can show a closed, irritated tendon.


Treatment of tendon inflammation

The main treatment is to give the tendon completely calm, and thus time to heal. It can help support a towel or a fling. Customer symptoms of full rest, it is important to consult a doctor.
Doctors can print out a prescription to a so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent that helps the swelling and takes pains. In severe cases, it may be necessary to adrenal cortical hormones injected into tissues around the tendon. This is often a quick and effective action on enforcement.
In rare cases, surgery removed irritating calcification in the tendon or creating a better place for the fortykkede late.
It is important to start training of joint movement as soon as the symptoms disappear. This is important to avoid stiffness in the joints. Physiotherapeutic treatment, with the strength and extent of exercises can be good help. Ultrasound treatment can reduce pain and inflammation status.



The vast majority of cases of tendon inflammation will go by itself in sufficient calm and rest. With continued use of an irritated tendon can develop a chronic inflammatory condition that can take a very long time to get rid of. It is important that subsequently deleted situations, which can overload the tendon and revive the state.








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