Definition and causes

Senerne are the structures that connect the muscles to the bone. Senerne is strong and quite rigid. On the arms and legs are a lot of senerne long, and the use of muscles as a tovspil of moving parts. Senerne, which runs past the hand and ankle joint, is surrounded by so-called late bored, which protects the tendon against the underlying bone, and are lined with mucous membranes, which makes the tendon can move smoothly.
There may be irritation conditions in these seneskeders mucous membranes. This is called tendovaginitis, orlate bored skin inflammation(or just bored tendon inflammation). Mode is an irritation condition, and there is no infection with the bacteria. Other tendons in the body, without late bored, but just surrounded by a membrane tendon, and this can causelate skin inflammation, Or peritendinitis. By inflammation of the tendon called the tendonitis.
Tendon sheath and late skin inflammation seen in one form or another for overloading the tendon. It may be many repetitive movements, for example. in connection with computer work or assembly line work. It can also occur by sport, where the heavy use of muscle strains senerne, which then irritate the vagina or late senehinden. By misuse of equipment (shoes, racket, golf clubs) can also occur seneskedebetændelser.
When the late irritate the vagina, raise it up. It gives less room for tendon, and his function is reduced. Stands at this time, may delay the vagina form arvæv and shrink, with a permanent reduction of senens function to follow.
Some diseases can increase the risk for seneskedebetændelser, the case for example. on ledegigt and Mb. Bechterew. Some people may be predisposed to hereditary disorders in senerne.


Symptoms of late bored skin inflammation

The symptoms appear as:
  • Painwho is present at rest, but sharply exacerbated by the use of the tendon.
  • Narrowing of the late vagina. Sits on the throat bend to the fingers, it will be perceived as the tendon suddenly give in when his finger attempts directed out. This is called a "leap finger" and occurs when the tendon is stuck in the throat, which then suddenly give in, and directed his finger off.
  • Tendernesswhen you press the tendon.
  • Closureover tendon.
  • Knitrelyde usingcan be heard, after suffering heal, and caused arvæv late in the vagina.


Precautions and diagnosis

Seeing signs Monday of pain through the use of muscles and tendons of the hand or ankle joint, it is important to give them time and tranquility to the entire up. Should rest pain and swelling should contact a doctor.
Diagnosis made from sick history and the clinical picture. In some cases it may be necessary to perform an ultrasound of the area.



Treatment of late bored skin inflammation

Treatment consists of complete calm, and possibly. relief shine treatment. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (gigtpræperater) can be printed by doctors to relieve pain and swelling. In severe cases, or if it does not help with the above treatment can be given injections of adrenal cortical hormones (steroid) into the tissues around the tendon. Is there procured arvæv, which prevents senens movement, you can surgically column late vagina, so there is more room for tendon.



Select and complications

The vast majority of cases will go in themselves again by holding the tendon completely at rest. However, there is great risk that the condition flare up at the resume of the same move patterns.

Untreated they can lead to tendon permanently shortened, resulting in a reduced function, for example. a finger. If swelling becomes too great, can cause symptoms of constriction of the space through which tendons and nerves running to the hands and feet. See carpal tunnel syndrome.







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